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Sophia's Grace Foundation's
Sanctuary Dogs

We have several sanctuary dogs being fostered at this time. These dogs are not adoptable due to age and/or medical condition. They will be living in their foster home for the remainder of their lives, and most are on several medications and eating special diets. If you would like to sponsor one of these wonderful dogs, you can conduct recurring donations or one-time donations.

All monetary donations will go to our dogs in need.

Thank you!

Recurring Donations
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One-Time Donations
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Sophia is a 12 year old sweetheart that was pulled from a shelter after her owners surrendered her.  Sophia is in liver failure and on medications and a special diet.  She also has back issues.  Sophia is being sanctuary fostered in New Jersey.


Violet is a happy 1 year old dachshund with several birth defects.  Violet has hydrocehpalus, 4 ear flaps, parrot mouth, deformed sternum, 18 nipples, a crooked tail and she is going blind.  Violet will not live a long life, but she is a very happy active girl.  Violet is living in Ohio where she steals all the toys from the other dogs in her foster home.


Hansel and Gretel came to SGF when their owner went into a nursing home.  They are 16 years old littermates.  They both have typical age related issues such as arthritis.  They have had some chiropractic treatment done which has helped their pain greatly.  Hansel and Gretel will be living out the rest of thier days with their foster family in Ohio.

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