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Transport Information 


Thank you for applying to transport dogs for Sophia's Grace Foundation.  Because we are a multi-state rescue, we rely heavily on the kindness of our transport volunteers.  Whether it's transporting a dog from a shelter or owner who is relinquishing their dog, to transporting a dog who has recently been adopted and is heading to their forever home, we could not function without our transporters.  


Transporters use their own vehicles and pay for their own gas, unless the miles required for a transport are higher than normal.  In that case, SGF may reimburse you for mileage. We try to arrange transports, so that each leg is approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours long each way.  Please note, that you can also submit your volunteer miles on your taxes each year. 


Please click on the button below to submit your application.  We will keep your Transport Application on file and contact you when we have a transport in your area.  Thank you so much! 

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