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Sophia's Grace Foundation


Sophia's Grace Foundation became a 501(c)(3) rescue in 2014. This was quite the milestone for the organization started by Corinne Zoscak in a grassroots effort to bring comfort and care to companion pets.  We would like to thank each of our supporters for helping us help dogs, believing in our organization and continuing to volunteer and make all of this possible.


It is our goal to save the lives of Dachshunds and other small breeds in need regardless of situation, background, condition or the severity of health related issues. A network of volunteers ensures that 100% of all donations serve these pets in their time of need. Volunteers come from many areas including: East Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest States


Mission Statement

We pledge to offer aid to Dachshunds and all small breed dogs in need of rescue. Our aim is to provide care and comfort in honor of our faithful companion Sophia who was a shining example of love, strength and loyalty. Our financial assistance is intended to create a harbor of peace and safety so we may alleviate the physical and emotional suffering of these companion animals while we find them loving forever homes.


Sophia's Story

We founded our group in honor of a dear Dachshund named Sophia Grace. Sophia was a sweet little 12-year old dachshund who was rescued from a situation in NYC where she spent all her life without ever receiving any medical care. When she came into foster rescue she was severely malnourished, sickly and had to have nearly all her teeth pulled. Through the "Grace" of so many selfless contributors we were able to get her the medical care that she so badly needed, and had been denied all her 10 years on earth. We were able to find a loving home for her in Michigan. We were honored that we were able to provide her a soft landing spot for the time she had left. Once I realized what I could do it with the help of so many people I was driven to do even more. We have supported over 3,000 pets since Sophia Grace came into our lives. It is in her honor that we founded our organization, and we will honor her with every dog we are able to help now and for many years to come!


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