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Adoption Fees Explained


Many people wonder what is included in our adoption fees and why they are set the way they are.  We hope to answer your questions here.  


What veterinary care has your dog received when you adopt them?  All of our dogs receive the veterinary care listed below.  

  • Spayed or Neutered:  All of our dogs are altered, unless a serious medical issue prevents them from having this procedure performed.  You would be informed of the medical issue prior to adopting the dog.  

  • Rabies Vaccination

  • DH2PP Vaccination:  This vaccine helps prevent Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Distemper, and Hepatitis.  

  • De-Wormed:  All dogs have been given a dose of either Drontil or Panacur to treat any worms they may have had upon arriving.  We treat them initially upon arrival.  We only retreat them, if we believe they still have an issue with worms.  Unfortunately, worms live in the dirt surrounding us and sometimes they can be reinfected, if they have been digging or eating dirt. 

  • Blood Parasite Screen: This screen will test for heartworms and Lyme Disease. If either is positive, we will treat the dogs prior to placing them for adoption. 

  • Dental: Dentals are performed at the discretion of our Board of Directors and Veterinarians.  We only perform them when the dental disease is progressed.  If there is a little bit of tartar, we do not have dentals performed.  We will inform you,the adopter, if we have or have not had a dental performed. 

  • Heartworm Medication:  All of our dogs are given heartworm preventative from year round.  We require you to continue using these medications after adoption. 

  • Flea Treatment:  Any dog that enters our organization is checked for fleas.  We only treat for fleas if there is a flea issue or if the dog has shown an allergy to fleas.

  • General Check Up:  Our Veterinarians perform a check up on all of our dogs.  If they find any medical issue, we will inform you, before you adopt the dog.  If the medical issue needs to be addressed immediately, we will treat the dog.  Examples are heartworm positive dogs, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc.  Some medical issues aren't an emergency situation.  No matter if we are treating the dog for the issue or not, we will always be transparent about any medical issue we are aware of.


Please keep in mind that regardless of the breed, purebred or mix, the medical costs are the same for alterations, inoculations, heartworm testing, deworming, dentals, and general veterinary examinations and care. 


SGF is completely dependent upon adoption fees, auction participation, and donations to continue to save as many dogs as possible.  Keep in mind that one IVDD or liver shunt surgical repair can and does cost in excess of $5,000.  Special needs are very real and very present.  SGF has, in this year alone, had an IVDD surgical dog, a lacrimal cyst repair, a heartworm positive dog, many mammary tumor dogs, a parvovirus positive dog, and a potential liver shunt repair.  Sophia's Grace Foundation does not discriminate against dogs in severe need of medical treatment.  Due to this, our veterinary bills can add up quickly.  When you pay the Adoption Fee for the dog you are adopting, your money goes to help the next dog in need.  Basically, your money is paying it forward for the next dog in need.  So we thank you greatly for your financial gift.  


Older dogs are less likely to have a line of adopters waiting for them, however most of the time their medical care and health needs are more extensive and costly than their younger counterparts.


Your adoption fee does not pay the salary of anyone in the SGF organization, because there are no salaries.  SGF is comprised of 100% volunteers.  All board members are volunteers.  All foster homes are volunteers and not financially compensatied in any way. All transporters are volunteers.  We do not currently use any paid transport services.  All persons performing home checks, background verifications, emergency pulls from shelters and private homes/locations, website development, transport coordination, as well as fosters and drivers that take countless dogs on unending trips to needed medical care are volunteering to do so without compensation.  


You can rest assured that every penny of your Adoption Fee is used solely for the dogs that we rescue and rehabilitate.  We never get ahead in rescue, since there is always another dog in need.  We welcome any extra generosity that you may have, as well!  

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