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FOSTER information

What does the rescue cover & what am I responsible for providing?

  • SGF covers all medical expenses. This includes vet care, prescription diets, heartworm/flea/tick prevention, and medications. Fosters are responsible for providing quality food and basic supplies.

  • If a foster needs help with supplies, they should contact their area coordinator to see if assistance may be provided.

Where do I take my foster dog to receive their vet care?  Who schedules this?

  • Your area coordinator will provide you with information on the approved vet(s) in your area. 

  • Scheduling is dependent on the individual vet offices. In the event that the office allows the foster parent to schedule directly with them, the foster must notify their area coordinator of the date of the appointment and the service scheduled.

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How long of a commitment is fostering?

  • The length of fostering is on a case-to-case basis, dependent on the health and behavior of the dog. In most cases:

    • Fully vetted dogs:

      • AT MINIMUM a 2 week commitment. If you receive a foster dog who is already fully vetted, a 2-week evaluation period will be required to appropriately assess the dog prior to listing them for adoption.

    • Dogs in need of basic vet care:

      • If the dog has NEVER seen a vet or received prior vaccines, the foster commitment period will be as long as the first vet appointment takes to be scheduled IN ADDITION TO a 3-4 week booster vaccine period.

    • Dogs in need of advanced care:

      • If a dog has ongoing medical concerns (heartworm, disease management, cancer, etc) the foster commitment may be longer than anticipated or even indefinite. If we learn of major medical issues while the dog is in a foster home, the likelihood of adoption will have to be assessed. Some dogs may not be candidates for adoption. If you are not comfortable being an indefinite/hospice foster, we will reevaluate moving the dog to a better-suited home.

  • After your foster is listed for adoption, you will be responsible for keeping the dog until an approved home is found. The timeline for this varies from a few days, to a few weeks, to a few months if the dog has certain conditions (no children, no men, only pet, etc.)

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