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Below 1 year $350.00

1 - 9 years $275.00 USD

10+ years $150.00 USD

Adoption Fees Explained


Discretion may be used by the board in regard to special needs dogs/bonded pairs and adoption fees.


Sophia's Grace Foundation is a dachshund rescue that takes in healthy dogs, as well as dogs that may have been abused or medically neglected for a long time, or have illnesses or disabilities.   When a dog comes into our organization, we will have them vetted in accordance with our list below.  Once you adopt the dog, we cannot guarantee the health of the dog past what our vets have diagnosed or treated.  We ask that when you adopt from us, you also partner with us, to love and care for the dog, even if  health issues may arise down the road. 


Your adoption fee may include: 

1. Health Check Up by one of our Veterinarians

2. Spay or Neuter

3. Vaccinations (DH2PP, also known as Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza, and Rabies ONLY) 

4. Blood Parasite Panel (Heartworm and Lyme's Disease)

5. Microchip

6. Dentals, only if absolutely needed for the health of the dog and usually only for older dogs

7. De-wormed, if not already de-wormed prior to coming to SGF

8. Any other condition will be treated if they came to SGF with the diagnosis and it was deemed medically necessary to treat.  


We will fully disclose all health issues with new adopters so that they are completely aware of anything we have treated the dog for or were made aware of ourselves.  Obviously, with dogs, as well as humans, medical issues can arise at any time.  Due to this fact, if one arises after the adoption is complete, this will be the sole responsibility of the adopter.  Thank you for assisting us in helping to save and love these little ones forever! 



Hello there! My name is Casey, and I want to be your new best friend! I am specifically looking for a family to spoil me with lots of cuddles, soft beds, and of course TREATS! If you have other furry kids, I will be happy to share you with them - If I have to. If you are in the market for a fluffy cuddle buddy, then you can adopt me by going to and fill out an application for me, CASEY!

Casey is a 9 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua mix and weighs approximately 13 lb. She is house- and crate-trained and very friendly. She is spayed, current on vaccines and just had a dental to polish her pearly whites. She does require regular grooming to keep her coat in good shape. Casey is fostered in Hampton, VA.


Meet Rob! He is the sweetest 11-year-old pittie mix you will ever meet! He is looking for a forever home where he can curl up in a warm spot - preferably a couch or a comfy bed, and as close to his person as he can possibly get. Rob has not encountered a lot of love in his life so when he receives it, he reciprocates TEN-FOLD. He would lay right on top of you (I’m not sure he knows he is pushing 60+ lbs.) and lick you all day long if you will let him! We are still learning he is a bit big for that, but his foster mom sure doesn’t mind!
Rob’s favorite pastimes include: EATING - as he came to us severely underweight and very hungry (he especially loves carrots), SNUGGLING - he loves to nuzzle his nose right under your arms or in your neck, and WALKS with his person & foster sister. He gets along great with his foster sister pup & has had good reactions to other dogs he’s encountered - but these encounters have all been fairly limited as we have been focusing mainly on his health. He does not seem to be quite as fond of his cat foster brother Milo and has barked and chased him. His foster mom believes he would do best in a home with up to one other dog & one cat. We are unsure of how he would be around children at this time, but due to his size and that he is completely unaware of it. older children might be best.
Rob is incredibly house broken and crate trained, absolutely no accidents and listens well when asked to get in his crate (especially when there’s a treat involved!) Rob does have a tendency to bark when he’s excited- usually that includes when you are FINALLY home from work or at the door when he’s waiting for you to open it.
Rob is an older dog which means his activity level is a little lower than that of his young foster sister Mazie. His hips aren’t what they used to be - but that WILL NOT stop him from climbing up onto wherever his person is or enjoying a long walk around the neighborhood, although we are still working on manners when on a leash. He walks very well with a harness!
I couldn’t say enough good things about my time with Rob. He will make such a loyal and lovely addition to a family. Applications may be submitted on the ADOPT page here on our website.

Fostering in Delaware, OH.

Lewie & Lou Lou

Meet Lewie (male) and Lou Lou (female)! They are an extremely bonded pair of 3-year-old dachshund mixes. Their original owner passed away and left them homeless and living outdoors, until we were able to bring them into rescue.

Lewie and Lou Lou are UTD on all shots, spayed/neutered and microchipped. They are also leash trained and pee pad trained, and partially house trained, and they weigh approximately 12-15 lbs. They follow simple commands very well. Very sweet dogs. They love people, kids, and get along well with other dogs and cats. Very loving. They love being very close to their humans and are very much lap dogs! Very playful and energetic. They are looking for a family to call their own. They adapt very well and will greet you at the door when you come home with lots of love and kisses!

Please  fill out an adoption application for this sweet pair on the ADOPT page of our website.


Cecilia is an  8year old Chihuahua mix that was found as a stray. She is house-trained and overall a very quiet, independent girl – she will require a patient and loving owner to help her out of her shell.

She can be petted when she’s in the mood but otherwise best to leave her alone – especially when she’s in her bed. Most of the time she doesn’t seem like she wants to be bothered but WILL show a bit of excitement and tail wagging when we get up in the morning or come back from the store. She is preferring my husband but we think it’s because he’s been working from home these past few weeks so is around all the time. She’s even allowed him to pet her belly. We are unable to pick her up at this time. She co-exists really well with the 2 basset hounds and greyhound in the house...pretty much ignores them. She loves food and will very nicely take a treat from you. She absolutely LOVES to go on walks and will let you put her collar on without a snarl or growl!!! She actually whines and waits by the gate when we’re walking the other dogs to make sure we don’t forget to walk her. She’s like a completely different dog when she’s on a walk – actually seems happy!

Cecilia is being fostered in Medina, OH


Bernie has had a rough start to life but you would never be able to tell by his demeanor. When Bernie was found, he was 25 lbs underweight and suffered from “elephant skin” from an untreated severe allergy. Bernie is a lover and is perfect for someone looking for a companion to Netflix and Chill with. He will lay with you all day and just wants cuddles and belly rubs. He is dog, cat and kid friendly and you won’t even know he’s there unless you leave some trash out for him to get into.  Bernie is currently located in Columbus, Ohio.


Paisley is a 6 year old, 12 pound Chihuahua mix. She is a super sweet girl that is good with other dogs and children but is not a fan of cats. 


Paisley is house trained, and very easy going. She likes to play with her stuffed toys and loves to cuddle up for movie nights! 


She does have luxating patellas, so she can only handle a few steps in the house. 


If she would be a good fit for you please go to the adopt page here on the website to fill out an adoption application. She is being fostered in Columbus, OH.


Hi there! My name is Piper. I am a 6 year old Chihuahua mix and a total love bug. I am a very quiet girl and want nothing more than to curl up next to you.

I can be a little shy in new situations, but once I warm up, I am as loyal as can be. My foster mom says I have the softest ears, which I think is a good thing, because I love getting them rubbed. I get along with everyone - dogs, cats and kids but would do best in a quieter home since I'm a shy girl. I am currently being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.

Please go to the ADOPT page here on our website to fill out an adoption application for Piper.


Meet Harley! He is a 2-3 year old chihuahua who was rescued from a hoarding situation. Harley did not live in a loving home environment, so he is skittish little boy who will require patience – and continued work on his potty-training skills. He is dominant with the other dogs in his foster home, so he would be best suited being the only dog in the household, or with another submissive dog. Can you open your home and your heart to this little man and help him to continue to learn that it is okay to trust us humans? Applications may be submitted via the adopt page here on the website


Harley is being fostered in Freeport Ohio. 

Maggie & Dozer

Meet Maggie & Dozer! This bonded pair of 11 year olds were rescued from an abusive and neglectful situation. Both dogs are super sweet and friendly and LOVE to be held and cuddled on! Maggie is the red longhaired girl and she is blind on one eye, but otherwise both dogs are very healthy. Neither dog has any teeth left due to past neglect, so they will need to be on soft food.

If you would like to open your heart and your home to these sweethearts, please go to the ADOPT page here on the website and submit an adoption application.

Fostering in Ashland, OH.


Meet Frankie! He is an adorable 10-year-old, 12 pound chihuahua who was one of thirty chihuahuas rescued from a backyard breeder in Alabama. He is very friendly, but shy upon initial meeting, so while he shows no aggression at all it will take him a bit to warm up to new humans. He is great with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, so his ideal home would have another dog(s) to help him feel more secure. He is pee pad trained and quickly learning to go outside. If you have the patience to allow this little sweetie to bloom in his own time, Frankie will make someone a wonderful companion dog!


Currently fostering in Tobyhanna, PA. Monroe County. 

Hello friends! My new name is Lily of the Valley and I am 16 years young! I was rescued from a terrible mommy who neglected me and did not give me all the comforts that I deserved. I’m still Lily, but now I have hope. I have hope where before I had none. I lost hope that anyone would come help me. I was so hungry and thirsty. I smelled horrible from living in my crate covered in my own mess. My rescue happened when mom was in the hospital. I heard them say “the poor dog is so skinny, look at her ribs” “there is no food anywhere” I was so happy when they bathed me, and I smelled like a flower. They fed me, and I even got water! My foster mom says I also look like a lily bell. My ribcage is prominent, and Doxie Daddy thinks I was born with narrow hips. They are trying to put another pound or two on me. I enjoy helping them with that. Having no teeth doesn’t slow me down. The fosters say my coat is soft like a flower petal, and my brindle strips are most beautiful with barely any frost from being fifteen years old. I never went outside to potty, but I do now if kept on a schedule. I’m really good with potty pads and stay inside the edges. I’m learning the doggie door and almost have it mastered. Many times these silly hoomans don’t know I’m going in and out for a reward treat. I do not care for the dogs that live here. I chase them away from me. They are all too noisy and jump around. I am still very timid and cautious but slowly coming around. I do like snuggling in the big bed. I’m looking for a quiet home with a daddy. I seem to like and trust him best.

I’m dreaming of someone to see me as their token of happiness, joy, and Love. Will you please welcome me home so I can be your Lily of the Valley? If so, please submit your application via the ADOPT page here on the website.


Fostering  in Scottsdale, PA. Westmoreland County.


Ruby & Toby

Meet Rudy and Toby! These bonded 12-year-olds are two of the sweetest old men you would ever want to meet. Rudy and Toby love everybody and everything, especially their meals and snacks. They would love a forever home with someone who is home a lot and in a house with no stairs.

Snuggling and giving kisses are their favorite past times. They are crate and paper trained but would do best with someone who will take the time to learn their schedule so that they can always be good boys. Toby is very quiet, and Ruby is a real talker. Applications may be submitted on the ADOPT page of our website .

Fostering in Burlington, NJ. Burlington County.


If you’re looking for a nice senior dog, meet Lottie. Lottie is a beautiful 17 pound – 11 1/2-year-old chocolate long hair female Dachshund who loves other dogs so having at least one other dog would be great for her as a playmate. She also loves to run around the backyard, a fenced yard would also be a huge benefit for her as well.

Lottie is spayed, current on all vaccines and she just had a dental which left her with no teeth. Lottie is very loving and enjoys being loved on as well as being content laying down with the other dogs. Lottie is housebroken and if for some reason she can’t get outside she is trained to use the puppy pads. Lottie is very cat aggressive so her forever home should not have any cats. Lottie came from a breeding situation where she was kept in a barn with a dog run and with 6 other dachshunds. She has adjusted well as an indoor dog.

Applications may be submitted on the Adopt page of our website. 

Lottie is being fostered in Hebron, Ohio.


Betty is a super sweet, super lovable dog! She is very active and needs lots of daily exercise. She is working on her leash manners but is crate trained and house broken. She plays hard but naps harder and just loves love.

Betty takes a bit to warm up to you. She will bark at you when you enter a room or move suddenly. She does very well with a fenced yard but also enjoys walks. Betty LOVES having dog friends but would do well as an only dog as well. She gets a little anxious when over stimulated.


In the time we have had her she has really come out of her shell and has learned to enjoy car rides, walks around the neighborhood and can stay in her crate for a typically work day. Betty does bark a lot- in new situations especially. Her forever home will need patience to work with her to help her feel comfortable in her new home. Meet Betty today and be ready to fall in love! Please fill out an adoption application for Betty here on the ADOPT page of the website!


Meet Yoshi - He is a lucky boy to be saved from running on the streets!!! Since he has been on the run and considered feral he will need someone to step up and be his hero!


Yoshi has come a long way, he is housebroken and crate trained and he will go into his crate on command. We can’t pick him up yet - but with the right person I’m sure he will come around. He is coming around to human touch and he will let you know when he needs to go outside.


Yoshi is VERY smart! Yoshi knows his name and will come when called. He will need a fenced in yard because I believe if he has the means to bolt, he will! He loves to be with people and other dogs just to see what’s going on - would you step up and he his hero? 
Applications may be submitted via our website:

Fostered in West Farmington, OH. 


Hi! My name is King, but my life has been far from regal. I spent the past 13 years of my life at an Amish puppy mill where my reign consisted of making puppies.

You see, I am a purebred, AKC registered Pomeranian. Once I got too old, I was dethroned and surrendered to Sophia's Grace Foundation. I am currently searching for a new kingdom in need of a handsome king. I am a very independent guy and love to be outside. Because I spent most of my life in a crate, I am still learning how to be a dog. I am not into toys, but I absolutely love food. I was recently neutered, had my teeth cleaned and was given an excellent bill of health (despite being a little older). I enjoy pets and sitting with humans on the couch, but I am perfectly fine lounging in a doggie bed or exploring the backyard as well. I am very easy going and get along with everyone - other dogs, cats, even little humans.

If you have a kingdom in need a King, then I'm your guy! Currently being fostered in Columbus, Ohio. Please go to the ADOPT page here on our website to fill out an adoption application for King!

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