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Below 1 year $350.00

1 - 9 years $275.00 USD

10+ years $150.00 USD

Adoption Fees Explained


Discretion may be used by the board in regard to special needs dogs/bonded pairs and adoption fees.


Sophia's Grace Foundation is a dachshund rescue that takes in healthy dogs, as well as dogs that may have been abused or medically neglected for a long time, or have illnesses or disabilities.   When a dog comes into our organization, we will have them vetted in accordance with our list below.  Once you adopt the dog, we cannot guarantee the health of the dog past what our vets have diagnosed or treated.  We ask that when you adopt from us, you also partner with us, to love and care for the dog, even if  health issues may arise down the road. 


Your adoption fee may include: 

1. Health Check Up by one of our Veterinarians

2. Spay or Neuter

3. Vaccinations (DH2PP, also known as Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza, and Rabies ONLY) 

4. Blood Parasite Panel (Heartworm and Lyme's Disease)

5. Microchip

6. Dentals, only if absolutely needed for the health of the dog and usually only for older dogs

7. De-wormed, if not already de-wormed prior to coming to SGF

8. Any other condition will be treated if they came to SGF with the diagnosis and it was deemed medically necessary to treat.  


We will fully disclose all health issues with new adopters so that they are completely aware of anything we have treated the dog for or were made aware of ourselves.  Obviously, with dogs, as well as humans, medical issues can arise at any time.  Due to this fact, if one arises after the adoption is complete, this will be the sole responsibility of the adopter.  Thank you for assisting us in helping to save and love these little ones forever! 



Meet Frankie! He is an adorable 10-year-old, 12 pound chihuahua who was one of thirty chihuahuas rescued from a backyard breeder in Alabama. He is very friendly, but shy upon initial meeting, so while he shows no aggression at all it will take him a bit to warm up to new humans. He is great with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, so his ideal home would have another dog(s) to help him feel more secure. He is pee pad trained and quickly learning to go outside. If you have the patience to allow this little sweetie to bloom in his own time, Frankie will make someone a wonderful companion dog!


Currently fostering in Tobyhanna, PA. Monroe County. 


Meet Diddy! He is a loving 8 year old, 15 pound mix (Papillon/Pomeranian?) who wants your full attention!!! He needs someone that can give him that as he wants nothing but love, love, love! Has to be muzzled for grooming and be very careful of loud noises!

He would do best as an only dog, as he loves to be the center of the universe, but would do fine with a submissive dog. He has been passed around a bit, so it takes a bit to earn his trust, and you need to be careful with quick movements as he may snap, but with time and patience Diddy will be your loyal boy for life! He can be anxious and strange noises may send him to hide and shake under the table, so again, it is imperative that he goes to a home that will offer him the patience and space he needs to show what a truly loving little boy he is. Diddy is completely housetrained and crate trained…just needs someone to finally love him unconditionally FOREVER!! Might that someone be YOU?

Diddy is fostering in Vineland, NJ.

Rudy & Toby

Meet Rudy and Toby! These bonded 12-year-olds are two of the sweetest old men you would ever want to meet. Rudy and Toby love everybody and everything, especially their meals and snacks. They would love a forever home with someone who is home a lot and in a house with no stairs.

Snuggling and giving kisses are their favorite past times. They are crate and paper trained but would do best with someone who will take the time to learn their schedule so that they can always be good boys. Toby is very quiet, and Ruby is a real talker. Applications may be submitted on the ADOPT page of our website .

Fostering in Smithfield, VA.


Meet Delilah! She is a very loving and affectionate Chihuahua mix. She weighs 25lbs, but as you can see she could definitely stand to lose some weight! She has a black & tan smooth coat. We think she may have had puppies before coming into rescue and is approximately 6 years old. She is fostering with 2 senior dachshunds & a mini pig. She gets along with the dogs and is afraid of the mini pig. Delilah had to go through major surgery for her spay and had a huge kidney stone removed from her bladder. She has recovered and is now able to run around the yard and play. She loves toys & playing tug of war. She also fetches. She is very fast and loves to run around. She is a good walker & loves walks. We’ve noticed that she is a bit food aggressive and will growl if she is scared or nervous (I think that will stop over time as she becomes more comfortable). She would probably do best in a home with no small children. In her foster home she sleeps in her crate at night, she cries for a few minutes then goes to sleep. However, she would love sleeping in the bed with you and sleeps well through the night. If you think this sweetie is the girl for you, please go to our website and submit an application:

Currently fostering in Exton, PA.


Must have a small,young companion dog to play with!


Meet Grover, a sweet, young and playful chihuahua. If he didn’t require sleep I think he’d play all day!! He has a fenced yard and a doggie door at his foster home and he’s on his way to being house-trained but still has a few accidents. He is not crate trained and cries and barks if you try to put him in one so having either a work from home or stay at home mom would be best for him.


Grover was picked up as a stray and our vet guesses him at under 2 yrs old. He’s had all his vetting done and is ready for his forever home. Grover can be adopted up to 3 hours from Louisville, Ohio. Children over 6 yrs old please. He weighs 8.5 pounds and would need another small size dog buddy!


Hello! My name is Lollie. I came from a small, high-kill shelter in Texas and made my way to Ohio then to Central PA, where I am much loved by my foster family. I loved every bit of being in the car. I also love long walks on the beach (not really, I've never been on a beach that we know of.), but I do love going for walks and being outside with my family. The vets think I'm about 9 years old, but my foster family is not convinced and think I am younger. I have no trouble jumping in an SUV or on the couch (if you let me). I like being cuddled and carried but also don't mind just sitting next to you on the couch and or taking a stroll through the neighborhood. I am being fostered with a terrier and a boxer mix, cats and a 3-year-old boy. I don't mind the dogs or the boy, but when the weird cats in my foster home try to kiss me I get a little scared, but I can coexist just fine with cats as long as they aren't in my face. I would probably do better with older respectful kids who do not jump around me. I am the opposite of the "typical" chihuahua. My foster has yet to hear me bark or growl. And I adore everyone and everything. I love giving kisses and burrowing under my blankies in my bed, which is where you can usually find me at night or throughout the day! The best part is I seem to be completely housetrained and let you know when I have to go out. So, you see, I am quite the little gem…if you feel like I should choose YOU to be my forever home, please hop over to the adopt page here on our website and submit an application now! 


Currently fostering in Curwensville, PA.


Meet Posey! Posey is an 11-year-old special needs dachshund that is looking for love after all that she has endured. Her life before rescue is a sad one. Posey along with her sister Daisy came to us after years of neglect when it came to their health and well-being. Due to the horrible health they were in, we unfortunately had to make the decision to let Daisy cross the rainbow bridge not 24 hours after we took them in.

Since we decided to give Posey a second chance at life, she has become a whole new dog. She came to us with multiple health issues. First and foremost, she was blind from cataracts after prolonged uncontrolled diabetes. Once we got that under control with insulin and diet, we were able to proceed with surgery. She had multiple mammary masses removed, was spayed, and had a dental and only lost 6 teeth.

After all this she come out shining like a diamond. She doesn’t mind being around other dogs but is also perfectly fine being your one and only. Potty training is a work in progress. She will go out if you are diligent about taking her but otherwise, she will have accidents in the house if not closely watched. Even though she is blind, she has mastered the ramps to get on and off the furniture like a champ and follows voice commands with precision. She does get insulin twice a day and doesn’t put up a fuss with the injections. Her favorite time of the day is when it’s time to eat. As soon as the kibble hits the bowl she barks with a wagging tail and jumps up on us with excitement. You wouldnever know it because she is only 10 lbs.

She loves following us around being our shadow when we are at home to stay near us and feel secure. She loves long naps on the couch on the weekends burrowed under blankets and looks forward to bedtime sleeping between us where she feels safe. We recently received a donated halo from Muffins Halo to help her navigate her new home once she is adopted. After all this girl has endured in her 11 years, we cannot be prouder of her with all that she has been thru with us. We just want her to live out the time she has left in a loving, caring home. She is currently being fostered in Seven Hills, OH, in Cuyahoga County. If you have any questions for her foster parents do not hesitate to reach out to us at
You can fill out an adoption application here on our website

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