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Below 1 year $400.00

1 - 5 years $300.00 USD

6-9 years $275.00 USD

10+ years $175.00

Seniors adopting senior dogs $100.00

*For dogs being adopted to New England please note that there will be an additional $150.00 charge added to any adoption*

Adoption Fees Explained


Discretion may be used by the board in regard to special needs dogs/bonded pairs and adoption fees.


Sophia's Grace Foundation is a dachshund rescue that takes in healthy dogs, as well as dogs that may have been abused or medically neglected for a long time, or have illnesses or disabilities.   When a dog comes into our organization, we will have them vetted in accordance with our list below.  Once you adopt the dog, we cannot guarantee the health of the dog past what our vets have diagnosed or treated.  We ask that when you adopt from us, you also partner with us, to love and care for the dog, even if  health issues may arise down the road. 


Your adoption fee may include: 

1. Health Check Up by one of our Veterinarians

2. Spay or Neuter

3. Vaccinations (DH2PP, also known as Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza, and Rabies ONLY) 

4. Blood Parasite Panel (Heartworm and Lyme's Disease)

5. Microchip

6. Dentals, only if absolutely needed for the health of the dog and usually only for older dogs

7. De-wormed, if not already de-wormed prior to coming to SGF

8. Any other condition will be treated if they came to SGF with the diagnosis and it was deemed medically necessary to treat.  


We will fully disclose all health issues with new adopters so that they are completely aware of anything we have treated the dog for or were made aware of ourselves.  Obviously, with dogs, as well as humans, medical issues can arise at any time.  Due to this fact, if one arises after the adoption is complete, this will be the sole responsibility of the adopter.  Thank you for assisting us in helping to save and love these little ones forever! 



Hello!! My name is Jerry, and I am a 3-year-old dachshund mix weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds!

I have IVDD, my back legs don't work anymore but that doesn't stop me from anything!  I wear a belly band, so I don’t have accidents around the house.

I'm a speed racer on 2 legs!!

I get along with everyone and I love to talk, I have whole conversations with my foster mom and make her laugh all the time.

I like to chill in the sun and take naps in a soft doggy bed.

I'm currently living in Sandusky, Ohio but I don't mind traveling to the perfect forever home, could that home be yours?




This is Carl, one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.  He is an 11-year-old Chihuahua mix.  He is blind and diabetic, so he needs a home where someone is willing to give him his insulin shots.  For that extra work, you will be rewarded with lots of lap time and love.  He is currently working on his house training in his foster home.  He doesn’t mind kids but because he is blind, would probably do better in a quieter household.  He is also good with other dogs, but we don’t know how he is with cats.


Carl is being fostered in Ashland, OH.


Meet Lourie!  This pretty bird flew into foster care with her four little babies when they were surrendered from a hoarding situation.  Her baby birds are all off to their own foster homes, and Lourie is now ready to be number one in her new family's life. 


She is approximately 6 years old and weighs about 15 lb.  A terrier-mix, Lourie is cautious of new people but warms up quickly.  Her foster mom says Lourie loves to cuddle on the couch and sleep in the big bed with her doggie brothers and sisters.  She would also love to have a fenced yard where she can chase squirrels, which is her favorite hobby!  A home with children over 10 is preferred.  Lourie gets along well with the dogs in her foster home so other calm dogs would be fine.  She is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. 


Lourie is fostered in Hampton, VA.

Meet Darcy! Darcy is a very sweet and laid back 12-year-old gal.  Darcy loves her walks and treats.  Darcy is mostly blind, but foster mom feels she may seem some shadows, and her impaired vision does not stop her!   She needs insulin injections twice a day but takes them like a champ with no problems.  She is both housetrained and potty pad trained however, due to her diabetes she needs to potty more often than most.  


Darcy would do best in a calm household.  Although she does well when her foster parents are at work a home where someone is home more often than not would be better.  Darcy would also do best as either an only dog or in with another calmer less active dog.  She is also good with children and cats, although older children would be best due to her poor eyesight. The children in her foster home are 10 and 13 and both are easy going and dog savvy, so she does well with them. She actually loves spending time with the kids in their bedrooms!


Initially, Darcy was pretty finicky and foster mom had a difficult time getting her to eat, however, now she eats on a regular basis and looks forward to mealtime! This is a HUGE difference from her original owner and what we experienced the first few weeks we had her. I would suggest that she stay on the food and schedule we have been able to implement.

Currently fostering in York, PA.



Meet Sadie! If you are looking for a mix of sweet and sass, Sadie is your girl!  She is a 5-year-old Chihuahua mix that came into the shelter as a stray.  She is a fun, playful girl who sometimes “talks” to her foster mom.  She loves toys!  She likes soda lids, empty water bottles, squeaky toys, ropes just to name a few.  She really enjoys the company of small male dogs of any age.  She rides well in the car.  She does her best to make it to a potty pad when unable to make it outside.  She has no problem going into her crate when asked.  She enjoys curling up on foster mom’s lap too.  Sadie would do best in a home with older, dog savvy children.  She can be mouthy when she plays, but she is not in any way trying to hurt.  She also likes to “groom” foster mom’s hair and sometimes pulls it.  Again, she is not trying to hurt, she just thinks she’s playing.  She is up to date on vaccinations and has been spayed. PLEASE NOTE:  Sadie does have a condition called luxating patellas.  This causes her rear knee joints to occasionally slip out of place.  She appears to walk bow legged when it happens.  She has no mobility issues and has never appeared to be in pain.  However, this is a condition that could possibly need surgery one day.  Please keep this in mind if you are considering giving her a forever home.  Currently fostering in Huntington, WV.

Lil Girl

Meet Lil Girl. She is a 6-year-old chocolate/tan Chihuahua seeking a loving forever home.


She weighs a whopping 5 pounds and is feisty as can be! Her original owner taught her to sing/whine which resulted in her being very vocal, so she would not do well in an apartment.


Lil Girl is housetrained & will also use potty pads. She is not crate trained but does great having the run of the house. She loves to go on walks.


Lil Girl would prefer a home where her owner is retired or works part-time. She loves to snuggle and sleep in bed with her owner.


She DOES NOT get along with other dogs or cats, and her dislike can result in her getting hurt. This is how she suffered an eye injury in her first foster home that has healed well but may affect some of the vision in one eye. She wants to be your only pet. Home visit and vet reference required.


Currently in Columbus, OH.


Meet Peanut! Peanut is a little 8 lb. chiweenie who loves to be cuddled. This little nugget is 14 years old, but you would never know it, as he is full of energy! Peanut is a gentle boy who is good with other dogs and other cats. He is still working on his housetraining skills, so a belly bend is recommended to avoid accidents. Could this cuddly little Peanut be the boy for you?? Currently fostering in Ashland OH

Boo Bear

Boo Bear is 18 years young, active, and healthy.  He is not perfect on his house training, so a belly band is a good idea for him. He can be a little shy at first but quickly is ready to play or sit and enjoy time with his human.  Fine with other dogs, unknown how he is with cats. Can you offer a comfortable retirement for this frosty faced gentleman?


Hello peeps!  I'm the beagle you've been waiting for ... I'm Fern-alicious!  I am around 7 years old and full of beagle curiosity and energy.  I love to romp and run in my back yard, chase moles and squirrels, and I get the zoomies a LOT!  I am looking for a great family who maybe has some kids to play with because I love all people.  I love to be petted and two of my favorite things are breakfast and dinner.  I am a lot of fun and would love to bring you the love and fun I have to give. 


Fern is a beagle who is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines.  She was heartworm positive when she came into rescue several months ago, but has completed her treatment and is now heartworm free!  She also had a hernia repair surgery a month ago and is ready for the next chapter of her life.  Fern needs a fenced yard to run in, does great with other dogs, and is house- and crate-trained.  Fern is fostered in Smithfield, VA.


Meet Athena! Athena is a tricolor, 8.4 lb., 6 year-old Chihuahua.  She loves to explore in foster mom’s fenced yard and run and play with the resident 15 lb. male terrier mix so an attached fence and male companion dog is encouraged.  Athena loves to be under the covers at night and loves attention.  She is very excitable and cannot sit still if she knows she’s getting some attention! Taking pictures of her is a challenge because she is such a wiggle butt. 


She is a typical Chihuahua and must be heard when there is a commotion outside, it is time to eat, an outside door is opened, etc.  She is not fond of cats and will chase them.  Since she cannot be behavior tested with children we recommend she go to a home with adults only or a home with responsible children over the age of 10. 


Athena is currently fostered in Clinton, TN.


Hi! I’m Sammy! I am an 8 year old 14lb rat terrier mix full of energy! I am house trained & love to go on walks. I am like an expert walker as I can easily go for a few miles!


I really love my foster mom & foster sissy so foster mom feels it is best that I go to a home with women only. Older children would be ok too. I do love my foster Dad but I get scared at times with him. The vet said it’s PTSD as I didn’t have a very good life before I came to SGF I wasn’t treated very well & lived outside in a kennel for 2 years. Because of this I have a bit of separation anxiety & prefer to go to a home where my person is home more than not. I also prefer a home with a laid back companion dog.


I love to sleep in my foster parents bed & do excellent at night so the big bed is a must!! I do not like to be crated. I will make an excellent companion dog for someone. Could I be the home for you? Please contact my foster mom Christine at for more information about me

Sammy is being fostered in Stoughton, MA.

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