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Below 1 year $450.00

1 - 5 years $375.00 USD

6-9 years $300.00 USD

10+ years $200.00

Seniors adopting senior dogs $100.00

*For dogs being adopted to New England please note that there will be an additional $200.00 charge added to any adoption*

Adoption Fees Explained


Discretion may be used by the board in regard to special needs dogs/bonded pairs and adoption fees.


Sophia's Grace Foundation is a dachshund rescue that takes in healthy dogs, as well as dogs that may have been abused or medically neglected for a long time, or have illnesses or disabilities.   When a dog comes into our organization, we will have them vetted in accordance with our list below.  Once you adopt the dog, we cannot guarantee the health of the dog past what our vets have diagnosed or treated.  We ask that when you adopt from us, you also partner with us, to love and care for the dog, even if  health issues may arise down the road. 


Your adoption fee may include: 

1. Health Check Up by one of our Veterinarians

2. Spay or Neuter

3. Vaccinations (DH2PP, also known as Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza, and Rabies ONLY) 

4. Blood Parasite Panel (Heartworm and Lyme's Disease)

5. Microchip

6. Dentals, only if absolutely needed for the health of the dog and usually only for older dogs

7. De-wormed, if not already de-wormed prior to coming to SGF

8. Any other condition will be treated if they came to SGF with the diagnosis and it was deemed medically necessary to treat.  


We will fully disclose all health issues with new adopters so that they are completely aware of anything we have treated the dog for or were made aware of ourselves.  Obviously, with dogs, as well as humans, medical issues can arise at any time.  Due to this fact, if one arises after the adoption is complete, this will be the sole responsibility of the adopter.  Thank you for assisting us in helping to save and love these little ones forever! 



Anybody need help hearing?  


Need company during the quarantine?  


How about JERRY!!  


He’s got big ears, the better to hear you with or hear FOR you!


He’ll alert you to approaching cars, mail carriers, blowing leaves and whatever else might sneak up on you. He may even get you better TV reception   He’s 5 years old so he sleeps all night. He’s modest and wears underwear. He has his own wheels so he won’t ask for the car keys. Jerry had a back issue so now he “wobble walks”. He has a doggy wheelchair but isn’t really fond of it. Jerry takes a minute to warm up to people but is very loving once he does. He loves to lay in the sun and will require a fenced in yard and also a ramp if you have stairs. Please no apartments as he is very vocal!


Jerry is located in NE Ohio but he’s willing to relocate with his overnight bag.


If you’d like to learn more about this hunk you can email his Foster Mom   To fill out an adoption application click on the link below  


Oh. He likes fries!! 


Sophia's Grace Foundation Dachshund Rescue


It's spring, and this lovely little blossom is searching for a forever home.  Chloe is a 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier. and she is blind.  Chloe's favorite things include chilling on your lap and getting lots of love.  She is a very low energy and quiet girl who would enjoy being your lap buddy for reading and tv time or exploring a small outdoor space with her person.  Chloe is on medication for arthritis but is otherwise very healthy for a lady of her certain age.  She is also house trained.  If you would love to give Chloe a loving home in her retirement years, she is waiting on you!  Chloe is fostered in Greer, SC.


This rockstar dog is Ladybug! 


As you can see from her photos, she is very photogenic and full of personality.  Lady is a seven year old Min Pin Chihuahua mix and she is a wonderful dog! 


She is curious, smart, loves to dress up, house-trained, and great with all people and other dogs.  Lady's one struggle is the chronic skin issues that she has battled her whole life.  Foster Mom and her vet have worked hard to get Lady's hair growing back and to get her skin healthy, but it will be an ongoing process.  We have ruled out any kind of infection or allergy causing her skin problems so it is likely an auto-immune disease that flares up and makes Lady's skin irritated.  Keeping her clothed and her skin covered and constant monitoring for any hot spots is crucial to her comfort and skin health.  If you can give Ladybug the love and devotion she deserves, send in your application today!  Ladybug is fostered in Yorktown, VA.


Meet Bailey!


She is a 13-year-old spayed female dachshund. She still has quite a bit of energy for her age. She loves to go on walks and explore outside. Bailey gets along well with her foster doggy brother and her foster kitty brother. She is crate trained and seems to be housetrained as well. She can be a little fearful if you pick her up too quickly, but if you take it slow and pick her up gently, she does just fine. She has only got a few teeth left, so her food needs to be moistened for her to be able to eat it. With her spunky personality, you would never guess she was in her golden years.


Bailey is currently fostering in Mineral Wells, WV and you may apply to adopter her via our website:


 Hello everypawdy, my name is Gucci and I’m a 12-year-old Yorkie and weigh about 10 lbs.


  A few weeks ago, I was dropped off at the vets to be euthanized because my previous owner couldn’t afford my much-needed dental. The vet clinic felt that I was able to be fixed up, so they reached out to the rescue. They found a foster family and I was on the road to recovery. My mouth was so painful and infected they started me on a shot of antibiotics and in a few days, I had 13 teeth pulled and was neutered. I just got a much-needed spring haircut and hopefully look snazzy enough to find a furever home soon. I’m hard of hearing and if you want me to know that you are home wake me up gently and you’ll be greeted happily with a wiggle butt. 


After my surgeries my foster parents noticed I had a persistent cough that wasn’t getting any better.  They took me to the vets, and they put me on antibiotics to see if that would clear things up.  Unfortunately, after a week it did not and another phone call to the vets got me an appointment for x-rays to see what was going on.  The first round of x-rays showed that my lungs were so congested that they couldn’t get a good look at my heart.  I was then sent home to start on a few meds; one that caused me to potty like a racehorse all the time.  The following week x-rays showed that I have congestive heart failure and that I will need to be on 3 different types of meds a day. Along with routine x-rays and bloodwork every 6 months.  I know it sounds like a lot but I’m a very good pill taker and if I do have to get up in the middle of the night to go potty, I will wake you up, so you don’t wake up to a mess on the floor. 


I’m potty trained and go outside any chance I get. One of my nicknames is “Weed-Whacker” because after I’m done doing my business, I kick grass everywhere, leaving my mark for all to see. I sure love a fenced in yard but it’s not necessary. I was an only dog in my previous home but have learned to enjoy being with my foster fur brothers & sisters.  I do get a little jealous when I’m not center of attention though.  Sometimes I have an issue with marking so if you do have other male dogs you want to make sure that I have a belly band on in the beginning. 


No need to crate me while you are away, I do very well out and about. You might want to be prepared that I make a mess when eating my meals.  A lot of the teeth I lost are the front ones so when trying to lap up the food it all ends up on the floor. Don’t worry, another nickname of mine is “Hoover”, and no food goes wasted. Unfortunately, with old age I have these things on my eyes called cataracts.  Don’t worry though it doesn’t seem to have hindered my sight as of yet. I have discovered that the kitchen is my favorite place to be because of all the treats and such I get for being a good boy. 


I’m currently hanging out in Seven Hills, OH.  Please reach out to my foster fam to come meet me, I think I’m a great catch.


Howdy folks!  I'm Gizmo and I want to be your new best bud!  I am a six year old Chiweenie with the most impressive ears you will find anywhere.  I am full of fun, loving, playful, and very smart.  I like the company of other dogs, but they can't share my toys.  I jumped of of the bed at my former home and reinjured my back.  My mom tried to get me to take my medications but I didn't want to and I hated being confined for crate rest, so she made the hard decision to place me with this great rescue that got me through my crate rest and now I am on the move again!  I am looking for a lap to cuddle in, lots of toys to enjoy, and a soft bed to sleep in (foster mom says the bed has to be on the floor because I might jump again and hurt myself). If you want to be my BFF, send in an application to adopt GIZMO!


Gizmo weighs about 10 lb.  He is neutered, house- and crate-trained, and current on his vaccines.  He is a healthy boy but has some limitations in his new home.  Gizmo needs a home with no children under 12, on one level, and ramps to access furniture or no access to furniture at all to avoid him jumping.  Gizmo will need to continue on his pain medication for the foreseeable future.  He is taking Gabapentin, which can be continued without any health risks, and currently Rimadyl and continuation of this will need to be monitored carefully by a vet.  Both medications are inexpensive and must be given on a regular schedule.  Gizmo has some limitations, but he is so worth it.  He is such a great pup and will make a terrific and loyal companion.  Gizmo is fostered in Suffolk, VA.

Ben & Jerry

Meet Ben & Jerry! This tiny pair of chiweenies is definitely bonded, they are never far apart from one another. They are still very young, approximately 2-3 years old.  They have fallen in love with foster mom’s 14-year-old son and no matter where he is they aren’t far behind.  Ben likes to climb on his shoulders (as pictured) so that he can carry Jerry.  They didn’t originally respond when you called their names, but we figured out we were calling them by the wrong names so now they will respond.  They are slender but there is ways food sitting out, dry, wet and dry & wet mixed together.  They just prefer to graze, so foster mom leaves their food out so they can eat when they like. They do love to lay under the table near the humans.  Ben is quite the acrobatic little thing!  He will also crawl up foster mom’s son’s back to sit on his shoulders and likes to be there while he walks around.  The boys sleep with their human foster brother but are quite the ornery pair.  They have chewed holes in blankets, and the pound said they destroyed a bed they tried to give them.  They will now play ball with their human foster brother; however, they can get a bit testy with each other while playing.  These guys really prefer to just be held and snuggled. 

They hear the ice machine and start barking and carrying on and need a minute to realize it is nothing.  They do not like when you stand over them and try to pet their heads.  Foster mom has another child (11) with ADHD so there is nothing slow about him, and they are terrified of him.  They have done well with other children if they approach them slower, so we recommend a home either with no children, or else calm, older kids.  Foster mom has a tiny chihuahua who is still a puppy, and they allow her to butt in between them and eat out of the same bowl, but they snap at her if she comes near ‘their boy’.  She has been bitten for trying to run and play with them.  We are still working on getting along with Bella, but they are never let alone with her.  There are no other pets in their foster home.

Going for walks is something they love; they cross each other frequently so they become a tangled mess.  They like to roll around in the grass, chase ducks at the pond and bark at everyone that walks near or far, including other animals.  They are sneaky so if the door is open even the tiniest, they bail and enjoy having someone chase after them. 

Housetraining is still a work in progress. They have vastly improved but will still have accidents in the house. They do utilize their foster fur siblings’ potty pads as well. We have not crated the boys – they did not do well at the pound in the crate, and they freaked out in the exercise pen.  Ben and Jerry are terrified of the crate, so NO crating these two, please!

Ben and Jerry and currently fostering in Orrville, OH, in Wayne County. Applications may be submitted via our website:


Meet Arya!

This 9-year-old doxie mix girl loves every human she meets, and is especially fond of children, but the problem is she has begun bullying the older female dog in the home, to the point where they must be kept separated, which is no life for either dog.


Arya is house trained, crate trained, and loves to go for walks, but she is very prey-driven and will bark at any other dog and/or critters she encounters, so would do best in home with NO other pets.


She is currently located in Sussex County, Delaware, but we can help with transport (within reason) to the absolute perfect forever home! Please apply to adopt this beautiful girl via our website at


Hi there friends!

My name is Rex and I am a senior German Shephard. I am a GSD to the core of my being. I will follow my favorite person all over the house keeping my nose right by your side. I love to love my people. Frequent pats on my head and belly rubs make me so happy. If you kiss me I’ll kiss you back!

When on a walk I love to investigate, but I am polite (maybe a little clunky). Although I love to go on walks, I have arthritis and I can’t walk as far as I used to. I am also recovering from heartworm treatment so for the time being I have to refrain from activities that may frustrate my recovery. 

I am presently living in a house with two other dogs. I had to get used to having siblings; I was very excited to have them and it took some time to calm down.  But we all get along just fine now, even my dachshund sister. She’s kinda little ya know. 

My second favorite activity besides loving my people is eating. I get very excited about food and my foster mom puts me in a separate space at mealtime so that I don’t eat everyone else’s food.

I need lots of regular brushing to make sure that my coat stays healthy and my skin doesn’t become itchy and flaky. I’ve been taking fish oil and haven’t had any skin issues since. I’m up to date on all of my shots and have received my last dose of treatment for heartworm.

I will do best in a home with kids big enough that I won’t knock them over when I bump them and adults stable on their feet. I don’t bump people on purpose, but in my mind I’m a lot smaller than they say I am. I know that my perfect family is out there and I can’t wait to meet them. I hope to see you soon!




Rex is approximately 11 years old, weighs approximately 95 lb., and is house-trained.  He is fostered in Fredericksburg VA.


Meet Chip! This adorable 3-year-old Chihuahua Mix came into rescue after he was found as a stray and we soon discovered that he was heartworm positive, so perhaps that was why he was on his own?? Chip has left his past behind him and has never looked back! He has successfully completed his heartworm treatment and is a happy and completely healthy little guy now!

Chip is a love bug who really enjoys his human family and always wants to be near them. He is a bit reserved with children, so a home without young kids would be best. He is good with other dogs and will bark at cats and chase them, but not aggressive toward them.

Chip is moderately active and enjoys being outside and going on walks. He enjoys playing with balls and toys with his human but does not play with the other dogs in his foster home, so he would be great as an only dog, but would be fine with other dogs in the home as well, so if you are looking for a playmate for your current dog, Chip may not be the ideal match for you.

If you are looking for a super sweet little snuggle bug who would like nothing better than to be with you 24/7 then Chip just may be your guy! He is currently fostering in West Leechburg, PA in Westmoreland County. Apply here!


Near Perfect as you can possibly get is how we describe this senior boy!!


Snickers was surrendered to our rescue in his senior years after his owners could no longer care for him He has the sweetest temperaments & gets along with everyone, including other dogs & cats. However, we do not recommend for him to live with young children or young dogs as he is a senior


He is a gorgeous red long haired dachshund , who is described by his foster mom as the best little companion. He is 10 years old , but a toddler at heart. Where ever you are , he isn’t far behind . He loves his squeaky toys. He is 13 pounds so carrying up & down stairs is no issue. 


Snickers would like to go to a home with another pup & an owner who is home more than not. His fee is $400


If you are a dachshund lover looking for the perfect companion to chill out with & have a snuggle session on the couch with you this is your guy!!!


If you have any questions about Snickers please email his  foster coordinator, Christine at If you would like to apply to adopt him please go to our website



This 7-year-old Chiweenie mix is an absolute sweetie. Clementine is crate trained, house broken, and great with others. She has lived in foster homes with adults and children - and is great with every human she meets. Clementine is very youthful and will run around the fenced yard and go on walks, but also has absolutely no problem staying inside and being a snuggly couch potato. She wants nothing more than to be close to her human(s). She is a true snuggle bug! Clementine is happy in the big bed or will sleep soundly in her crate through the night. She is great in the car either loose or in her crate. Clementine does struggle with food aggression- she is trained to happily go into her crate at feeding times. She is also dog selective and needs to be the only dog in the home. This girl has been through it and needs a place to hang her leash that will understand her needs. Clementine has been vet checked and has no known medical concerns. She is spayed and up to date on shots.


Clementine is located in Columbus, Ohio. Do you think you could be her furever home?


Meet Charlie!


He is a 5-year-old dachshund who is absolutely gorgeous and perfect in almost every way. You see, Charlie lost the use of his rear legs several months ago and after doing all the right things, he has never regained use of them. Charlie does NOT let his handicap hold him back though. He loves other dogs, cats and humans, both big and small. He is about the sweetest little boy you could ever meet! Charlie does need to be expressed in order to urinate, so he will need an owner that will be able to do so every 4 hours our so. Charlie does not have a wheelchair yet, but our rescue organization can get one donated for him.

Who can open their home and their heart up to this darling boy? Currently in Wheelersburg, OH, but transport can be arranged (within reason) to the PERFECT home! Apply at