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Below 1 year $350.00

1 - 9 years $275.00 USD

10+ years $150.00 USD

Adoption Fees Explained


Discretion may be used by the board in regard to special needs dogs/bonded pairs and adoption fees.


Sophia's Grace Foundation is a dachshund rescue that takes in healthy dogs, as well as dogs that may have been abused or medically neglected for a long time, or have illnesses or disabilities.   When a dog comes into our organization, we will have them vetted in accordance with our list below.  Once you adopt the dog, we cannot guarantee the health of the dog past what our vets have diagnosed or treated.  We ask that when you adopt from us, you also partner with us, to love and care for the dog, even if  health issues may arise down the road. 


Your adoption fee may include: 

1. Health Check Up by one of our Veterinarians

2. Spay or Neuter

3. Vaccinations (DH2PP, also known as Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza, and Rabies ONLY) 

4. Blood Parasite Panel (Heartworm and Lyme's Disease)

5. Microchip

6. Dentals, only if absolutely needed for the health of the dog and usually only for older dogs

7. De-wormed, if not already de-wormed prior to coming to SGF

8. Any other condition will be treated if they came to SGF with the diagnosis and it was deemed medically necessary to treat.  


We will fully disclose all health issues with new adopters so that they are completely aware of anything we have treated the dog for or were made aware of ourselves.  Obviously, with dogs, as well as humans, medical issues can arise at any time.  Due to this fact, if one arises after the adoption is complete, this will be the sole responsibility of the adopter.  Thank you for assisting us in helping to save and love these little ones forever! 



Avengers Assemble!  No, I'm not THAT kind of Marvel .. my transformation after the kind folks at the animal shelter helped me to shed all of the matted fur I had pulling at my skin and making me itchy was a true Marvel, so that's what my rescuers named me.  Now that I am feeling better, I am looking for a new forever home with some folks who want to spoil me with soft beds and lots of treats and cuddles.  Are you the perfect family for me?


Marvel is a 7 - 8 year old terrier mix.  His hair is growing back in nicely after his close shave to remove the matted hair, he is neutered, and had a recent dental.  Marvel is picky about his food and his foster finds he likes canned food, but we are working to add some crunchy into his diet!  He is very friendly with other dogs, and people of all ages.  Marvel is house-trained, but may try to mark in a new environment, so a belly band is a good accessory to have!  He also loves to go on walks and snuggle with you.  Once he feels comfortably with you he also loves to play.  If you have room in hour heart and home for this handsome fellow, send in an application to adopt Marvel!


Marvel is fostered in Smithfield, VA

Please go to the ADOPT page here on the website to fill out an adoption application!


"Over hill, my name's Dale and my love will never fail!"  Looking for handsome?  Got it!  Looking for loyalty?  Got it!  Looking for sweet and well-trained?  Got it!  Looking for a running buddy?  Here I am!  Looking for a couch-sitting companion?  I'm your dude!  My name is Dale and I am looking for a forever relationship with a human family who will love me and treat me like their little prince.  I am accepting applications through my foster mom and Sophia's Grace Foundation to find this perfect family, so head on over to Sophia's Grace Foundation Dachshund Rescue and put in your application to adopt DALE!


Dale is a 3 year-old JRT mix.  He weighs about 13 pounds, is neutered, and current on vaccines and HW negative.  Dale is energetic but very obedient and eager to learn.  He does great with other dogs and loves to play and run in the yard.  He is not familiar with a leash, so will need some help learning his leash skills.  He is house-trained but will need time to learn the routine in a new home.  Dale is also crate-trained and is an all around great pup who would do great with older kids due to his energy level.  Dale is fostered in Smithfield, VA.


Eddie is an 8-year-old, 15-pound red dilute Dachshund whose first 7 years of life were not good ones. When Eddie came to SGF he had rotten teeth and he was not happy at all.  He didn't know how to be a member of a family.  You see, in Eddie's former life he was a backyard breeding dog.  He didn't spend much time on grass and obviously didn't spend much time with humans.  This cute boy has come a long way.  His teeth are clean, he's neutered and his personality is much nicer.  He also wags his tail, follows his foster Mom around and wants attention.  He wants to be picked up but doesn't want to stay very long.  He is not a cuddler, but who knows how far he will progress in the coming months/years.  He deserves a family who will love and work with him so he comes out of his shell even more.


Eddie does not like and will chase cats. He has not been around children so a home without small children is preferred.  He gets along fine with his foster Mom's male dog who is slightly bigger and not a doxie.  He also gets along with the male and female, bonded pair that arrived with him.  He also got along with a female foster dog who has since been adopted.  A fence is required as Eddie will not walk on a leash.  Eddie is currently fostered near Knoxville, TN.  Transport by foster Mom is limited to within a couple hours of Knoxville unless alternate transport can be arranged.  Please go to the Adopt page to fill out an adoption application for Eddie!


Sam is in the house!!

Look at this face. Cute, right? Sam is 8 or 9 years old and is a “down” dog. He had been unable to walk for about a year. Sam likes other dogs so he would need a home that has someone he can play with. We don’t have cats so no idea about them.

He was dragging before we got him but now he can stand occasionally. He can walk outside on the grass when he goes potty and when exploring the yard! We have hardwood floors so it’s a little slippery for him. His right rear leg is weak which eventually causes him to topple over and then scoot around.

He’s had water therapy and laser acupuncture and chiropractic.

He wears a belly band and he’s very calm while he’s being dressed. Sam doesn't get expressed because he still has feeling in his bladder. He does wear a belly band in the house. If you put him outside undressed he will go potty. We still change him about 4 times a day because he occasionally leaks in his belly band. He does poop “whenever”.

He is fully vetted and has had his dental and blood work. He had two little bladder stones and was on special food. He no longer has this problem!!

Sam like to go outside, play with dogs, sit on the couch with you and eat. Sam comes with belly bands, 2 drag bags, food, his cart, blanket, a few toys and other miscellaneous items. He loves to burrow under blankets and is happy to sleep in a dog bed at night.

He is protective when people come in the house that he doesn’t know but a slow introduction and he’s fine.

Sam is being fostered in NE Ohio. You can ask his mama more questions at


Bernie has had a rough start to life but you would never be able to tell by his demeanor. When Bernie was found, he was 25 lbs underweight and suffered from “elephant skin” from an untreated severe allergy. Bernie is a lover and is perfect for someone looking for a companion to Netflix and Chill with. He will lay with you all day and just wants cuddles and belly rubs. He is dog, cat and kid friendly and you won’t even know he’s there unless you leave some trash out for him to get into.  Bernie is currently located in Columbus, Ohio.


I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Joy, which means “delight and great happiness”. My foster dad named me Joy because I am indeed delighted to be given a chance to live in a loving home where my foster family is teaching me that being a dog can be a wonderful thing! You see, I was found living in the woods and I had been there for a long, long time. I didn’t always find food to eat, so I was really skinny and I was sick too. I had some really bad worms that had invaded my heart because I wasn’t given the vet care that all dogs need, so I had to get lots of medicine to make me better. 
Now I am all healthy, and ready for my next joyous adventure – a family of my very own! So let me tell you more about me. I LOVE people – big people, little people, I just love everyone and most especially people who will give me the love and attention that I have learned is the best part of being a foster dog. And I love hanging out with other dogs and playing in the yard. I also love to go on walks with my humans and my doggie friends. I get to see all sorts of great places and smell all sorts of great smells that don’t seem so scary when my human is on the other end of my leash.
Would you like to be Joy’s Forever Family? If you can offer her walks and good healthy meals, and lots and lots of love, then please consider making Joy’s dream come true and join her on her forever joyous adventure.
Joy is a boxer/terrier mix and weighs about 50 lb. She is house- and crate-trained, and current on all vaccines. Joy is being fostered in Smithfield VA and you can apply to adopt her on the adopt page of the website.


Astro is an adorable 4-5 month old puppy. He looks to be mostly JRT, but may be a bit of a mix. As with any puppy, and especially this breed, Astro has a LOT of energy and his ideal home would be with an active family with a fenced yard and some kids to play with, or at least another young, active dog!


Scooby is an 8 year old black and tan smooth coated Dachshund looking for his forever home.  He is very laid back and good with other dogs and kids.  Currently fostered in Canton, Ohio.  



Please go to the ADOPT page here on our website to fill out an adoption application for Scooby. 


Meet Peanut! This little cutie is 9 years old and weighs in at a whopping 6 pounds! But don’t let his small stature fool you, this boy is ALL chihuahua, and should go to a home familiar with the breed. Peanut is good with other dog, but not a fan of cats. He is a real love bug when he want to be, but can also be a bit grumpy, so no small kids, please! He loves go play in the yard and going on walks. Might little Peanut be the boy for you??


Fostering in Greensburg, IN


Paisley is a 6 year old, 12 pound Chihuahua mix. She is a super sweet girl that is good with other dogs and children but is not a fan of cats. 


Paisley is house trained, and very easy going. She likes to play with her stuffed toys and loves to cuddle up for movie nights! 


She does have luxating patellas, so she can only handle a few steps in the house. 


If she would be a good fit for you please go to the adopt page here on the website to fill out an adoption application. She is being fostered in Columbus, OH.

Charlie #1

Charlie is a very handsome, people-loving, 9-year-old, red, male, smooth-haired Dachshund whose current owner can no longer provide the kind of life a still youthful and active fellow like him deserves. He gets along well with all people, even children. He’s not destructive in the house, only chews on his own chew toys, isn’t a barker, accepts being crated in the house and in the car. He’s not a resource-guarder, does not have a problem with separation anxiety, and loves going for long walks.


He has playful moments when he enjoys playing with his tug-toys. He has a very keen nose and is used to having a yard to explore and check out all the great smells each day, so it would be great if his new owner lived in a house with a backyard, with a secure privacy fence or a large lot. Although Charlie loves to go for walks, he can be a handful if he sees another dog. Off leash, though, he’s fine with other friendly dogs. He would do best with dog owner who has some experience with training dogs and has either no other dog, or has one who is bigger than him and very laid-back with other dogs. Does this sound like you? Charlie lives in Silver Spring, Maryland and would love to meet you!

Maya & Koda

Meet Maya & Koda! This stunning bonded mother and daughter pair are in search of a home to call their very own. Mama Maya is about 15 pounds and her daughter Koda is about 10 pounds. Both girls are super-friendly, although a bit shy upon first meeting. They are both house trained and crate trained as well, love car rides and walk very nicely on a leash. Maya & Koda are great with other dogs and good with kids. They truly are almost a perfect pair, almost…for some reason these two are “barkers” and they will bark indiscriminately at any given time. The ideal home for these two would be one in which their owner(s) was home a good bit of the time, and willing to work with them on their barking issue. Otherwise, you could not find a more loving pair! Who is ready to open their heart and their home to these little beauties?? They are currently fostering in West Farmington, OH, and need to stay within 60 miles or so of that area.

Applications may be submitted via the ADOPT page here on our website


Meet adorable little Henry! This sweet little boy spent his entire life in a puppy mill but he’s a complete little lovebug. He is still working on his potty manners because old habits are hard to break. After almost 7 yrs in a crate and doing his business there, he is doing really well in his foster home about going outside. He uses a doggie door and goes out on his own.


Henry is learning to play with the small dogs in his foster home, so a small companion dog is a requirement for Henry’s forever home. Children over the age of 7 are acceptable too. Henry is a small little pooch at 7 yrs old and 5.5 pounds.

He can be transported 2 hours from Canton,Ohio. If you would like to make this sweet little guy a member of your family then please go to our website and fill out an adoption application.


Meet Dixie! This stunning little girl is 6 years old and weighs about 12 pounds. Dixie is a very laid back little girl who would like nothing more than a comfy lap and she will be your best friend!

Dixie does have a history of IVDD, and with her back being fragile, her current home with 5 kids under the age of 5 is not the ideal environment for her. Dixie is good with other dogs and kids, however, given her history it would be best for he not to be around any really young kids full-time. Her past injuries have also left her prone to having accidents in the house, so we would recommend she wear a diaper. She really is quite the cuddle bug and so very sweet, she just needs that special home with someone that will love her forever! Dixie is currently in Medina, OH.

Applications may be submitted via the ADOPT page here on our website

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