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Sophia Grace

We founded our group in honor of a dear little 12-year old dachshund. This beautiful girl's name is Sophia Grace (how appropriate, right?) and she was rescued from a GA Shelter where she did not not receive any medical care and surely would have been euthanized due to the huge tumor on her belly. Sophia Grace remained with SGF, under the watchful eye of her foster parents. The cancer spread and Sophia Grace received Hospice care for her remaining days.


UPDATE (04/12/14): Sweet Sophia Grace has let us know that she is ready, so her parents (because they are so much more than fosters) will be with her this morning when she crosses over the Rainbow Bridge at 11:30. Little Gracie: I wish we could have done more, but I am so happy you will leave this world with your final memories being ones of love, peace and comfort. You will soon be running pain free and living the life that you deserve on the other side. Heaven will soon get one more doxie Angel. And much love and gratitude to her parents, Jennifer White Williams and Shannon Williams for showing this girl what love truly means in her final days.

Through the "Grace" of so many selfless contributors we were able to get her the medical care that she so badly needed, and had been denied all her 12 years on earth. Sophia Grace lived out her final years in her forever home in Michigan where she thrived and grew stronger each day. It is in her honor that we founded our organization, and we will honor her with every dachshund we are able to help now and for many years to come!

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