Gracie May is one of the Ohio 7 Doxies, a group of senior Dachshunds recently rescued. She is 12 years old, 15 Pounds, spayed and up to date on all vaccinations! She gets along well with cats, dogs, and children.


Gracie could be compared to a human baby. She loves being held, cuddled, and wants to be with you all the time. But she has some anxiety when left alone and will vocally let you know that she would rather come with you! She has some daily anxiety medicine that helps with this. She rides great in the car and enjoys trips. Getting around is a little hard for Gracie, and she doesn’t love being on a leash but will happily walk behind you on her own. Lounging outside in the sun is fun, but long walks are too much exercise for this couch potato! Stairs are a big challenge for her, and she needs you to carry her up and down, but she can use doggie steps to get on and off beds. Speaking of beds, she loves cuddling on the bed! Every night she sleeps in bed with her foster family as she does not enjoy the crate. But she is a great foot warmer during cold nights! 


Gracie most likely came from a bad situation where she was not given the care and routine she needs. Learning to go potty outside has been a challenge and she will need someone who is understanding of her accidents and diligent in taking her out. She has been steadily improving in this skill and we are hopeful that she can master it with the right family! She is not without her flaws but is learning and growing every day to overcome her past and become an even better doggie! She will charm you with her soft fur and her tongue that is always sticking out of her mouth. And once she trusts you, she will love you unconditionally and give you all of her cuddles and happiness.


Gracie is currently fostering in Columbus, OH and her adoption fee is $200.00.