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Breed: Chinese Crested mix
Color: Dark Grey/Black
Age: 7 years
Gender: Female
Size: Small 15 pounds

Housetrained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Children over 12
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Concerns: None


Hi!  My name is Weezie but foster Mom has been calling me Ziggy…....

Ziggy Stardust.

Don’t ask me why..she’s sort of different, but I think I like her. She says I have to tell everyone about myself…. sheesh is this a dating app? 
Okay Mom, I'm going to tell them! Here goes… I’m a mixed-up Chinese Crested but no one knows the mix. Maybe Schnauzer, maybe poodle cause my hair is very curly. 

I’m rather quiet unless I want something like dinner, my water bowl filled, to go outside and if you don’t listen, I’ll just get louder. I’m not a cuddle pup…. I’d rather hang out on my own. I do like sleeping in the big bed with Foster Mom. But I need help getting up unless there are steps. I get along with other dogs but don’t care if they are around or not. I still try to play with toys but need encouragement to keep the game going otherwise I get bored easily.  I am housebroken when kept on a regular schedule. Oh, so I have to let Foster Mom talk now.


She came to Sophia’s Grace when her mom was unable to keep her. She does have severe dry eye which must be treated at least twice a day with over-the-counter eye drops and a prescription eye salve. If diligence is used her eyes are no trouble. We had been told that she was blind in one eye, but we are not convinced the sight is completely gone. It does not appear to have been an injury but more likely lack of care for the dry eye when she was young. Ziggy is a sweet dog whose primary likes are a soft bed, FOOD and treats.


We do not require another dog in the home as Ziggy couldn’t care if there is another one. However, if there are other dogs, they must be smaller and do not exhibit resource guarding, are protective or territorial as the mix will not work with Ziggy. She does not understand boundaries and with low eyesight does not always pick up on dog body language. She does walk on a leash, but she is going to move at her own meandering pace.  Zig does not like to be crated unless the door is left open, and she does prefer to sleep with her humans or in a soft smooshy bed. She can be trusted not to disturb anything if she is not crated or left alone for short periods.


Ziggy is being fostered in Pittsburgh, PA and is available for an adoption fee of $300.00.  Applications to adopt may be summitted via the following website.

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