Meet Yoda! 


Yoda is a 4-year-old Australian Terrier who weighs 4 pounds. He is a very sweet loving dog but needs a strong alpha leader. Yoda came into rescue with some baggage, such as being a flight risk, but after two days he was sitting and waiting by the door to get permission to go in or out. He also has some resource guarding issues over items that he deems to be of high value. He has improved immensely with his resource guarding since being in his foster home. He doesn’t show any signs of guarding his food.  Foster mom is able to pet him while eating a meal but if you want to take the bowl away while eating it maybe another issue (we not tried). When he takes things, he goes to his safe place behind the couch which foster mom is able to get him out from by saying “out.” He usually comes out with no problem and drops the item.


Yoda loves walks, being outside in the yard, car park rides, people, other animals. He has this thing where he comes running over to you and then falls over like those fainting goats (lol) to get his belly rubbed. 


Yoda is crate trained and goes in great but sometimes he gets cranky and gives you a fit when he goes in, but you need to be strong and tell him it’s okay. Usually after he settles a treat is all it takes to make him happy.

Yoda learns quickly and looks to his human leader for guidance and approval. This boy really is eager to please!


Yoda is being fostered in York, PA and his adoption fee is $375.00.