AGE - 10 months old


SIZE - 30 pounds





GOOD WITH KIDS - Yes, but is a high-energy pup so may need to learn not to jump

GOOD WITH DOGS - Yes, he LOVES other dogs but is a lot of energy so will need a companion dog that won’t mind his playfulness


CONCERNS - Vito is a big, sweet puppy and will need an adopter that will work on his training and manners 



VACCINATIONS - All standard vaccines 

PROCEDURES - Double ear infection treated, and neuter (7/22) and heartworm tested (negative)




My name is Vito Burrito, aka V. I have a sad story, but you’d never know cause I’m the happiest boy ever! I haven’t really ever had a home to call my own my whole life. In fact, my old owner was even homeless. So, I’m learning what it means to be safe and stable. Despite that, I am SUCH a sweet, friendly boy and I listen pretty good too!


Here are the good things about me: I am pretty much fully housetrained, pretty impressive for a puppy!! I am crate trained - I may quietly cry for a few minutes (especially when I’m first new to your home) but after that I am quiet, and clean, and chill in my crate! I will sleep in there all through the night and during the day when foster mom works. I also do really well sleeping in the human bed. I am SUPER social! I am great on walks, and I hardly tug. I could do well with a fenced in yard or just with leash walks. I also would be good in an apartment/condo/townhouse as long as I get let out on a leash and plenty of walks. I am great with other dogs. I LOVE other dogs, maybe a little too much sometimes because I will want to play and be near them 24/7. So, if your dog isn’t gonna want a constant playmate, they probably won’t like me very much. That said, I’d also be absolutely fine as an only dog - as long as I get lots of exercise of course. I am such a good listener - seriously, if my foster mom calls my name I’m pretty much right there! 


Now, my foster mom said I have to tell you this…. I AM A BIG PUPPY. I have not been trained very well. I am learning my manners. And my forever family will need to help me learn. I have no sense of personal space. I will bark at you if you don’t give me attention. I will climb on you if I need attention. I love to play and go for walks - I wouldn’t do well with a family that wouldn’t want to be active with me. 


If you’re an active family that is looking for their bestest friend ever. Please adopt me! You will not regret it. I am really the sweetest boy ever. I will melt your heart - and everyone I meet. I hope you’re out there. I have been waiting my whole life to meet you. I am currently fostering in Cleveland, OH and my adoption fee is $450.00.