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Breed: Small Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
Color: White & Tan
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Size: 6.5 pounds

Housetrained: Mostly
Crate trained: Unknown
Good with Kids: No
Good with Dogs: Small & low-energy dogs only
Good with Cats: Yes
Concerns: Resource guards high-value items



Taz is a completely different dog than when he first came into rescue.  Taz was pulled from a euthanasia list due to exhibiting fear/anxiety/stress in the shelter environment. He arrived at his foster home terrified and distrusting, while also displaying symptoms of kennel cough. After just a little time, medicine, lots of love, and positive reinforcement he has done a total 180.


He is extremely affectionate, happy, and ready for his forever home!
It is important for Taz’s new family to know that it will take some time for him to come out of his shell. He will most likely be trembling and a little nippy when you first meet, but don’t be worried! Once he trusts you, he absolutely won’t leave your side.


He also may choose a favorite human and could growl or nip to those that get close to his new person. This behavior is commonly known as resource guarding and can be fixed with a diligent owner to set boundaries. Taz would do best in a small family unit with no young children, no large and/or active dogs and limited visitors due to his nervousness, small stature, and occasional nips. He does well with other dogs, but sometimes doesn’t like to share and won’t let the dogs on the bed with him. However, he gets along great with the cat. Taz is pretty stubborn about getting his way.


His adopter should be prepared for a Velcro dog who demands lap sits, following you around 24/7 and sleeping in your bed! Taz, like many of us, is not a huge fan of the outdoors.  His new family will need to be proactive with taking him to the bathroom and on walks as he will not alert you that he has to go and will wait by the door if you try to let him out without going out with him.  For these reasons, Taz would be a great apartment dog and will not require a fenced-in yard. Taz’s positives far outweigh his few quirks, and we know he will be an amazing addition to the right family!

Taz is being fostered in Columbus, OH and is available for an adoption fee of $375.00.  Applications to adopt may be summitted via the following website.

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