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Happy Tails - SGF Success Stories


SGF had more than 185 adoptions completed in 2017!

2018 adoption total is in!.....250 dogs!!


"After fostering dozens of dogs, there was just something about Bert. He has seamlessly integrated with our crew and is such a joy. We are incredibly thankful to Sophia's Grace Foundation for not only rescuing him, but nursing him back to health, so he would be ready to be part of his forever family." - Bert's Forever Family


Bert came to SGF (after his brother Ernie), infested with fleas, never having had medical care and missing a great deal of hair.  Bert proved to be intelligent and a people pleaser with a huge personality.

Maggie and Rocky Another bonded pair just waiting for their forever family! Maggie is 7 and Rocky is just 1, both are currently on shots, spayed/neutered, housetrained, and even crate-trained. They are both good with other dogs - and even okay with cats. Rocky is very happy-go-lucky and outgoing, while Maggie is a bit more reserved and it takes her a bit to come out of her "shell" but both very friendly and raised with kids, so kid-friendly too! Currently fostering in Pittsburgh, but transport can be arranged within reason.


***UPDATE, Maggie and Rocky have been adopted!

Buster My story is one of a transformation.  I came to my foster family weighing almost 30lbs.  After four months I got down to 19lbs.  I was able to have my dental but I lost 17 teeth!  My doctor told my foster mom that I will eventually have to have more teeth pulled (I am not looking forward to that).  Besides my teeth and being an "easy keeper" I have a bad leg.  Nobody seemed to know how my leg got that way, but somedays it hurts and I have trouble walking.  Turns out none of these problems bothered my foster family.  One morning my foster dad looked at me and said "Good morning Buster Moose McIntosh", and then he told my foster mom to let SGF know, and that day I became part of a family!  I became my foster family's first and only foster fail!  I'm happy here in my forever home, I get to show new foster dogs the ropes and help them adjust before they go on to their own forever homes. I'm a good old fellow, I'm honest and helpful and I really like my human brother and my canine brothers and sisters.  I like being part of a gang that loves me and helps me when I have bad days.  I get to lay in the sun and run and play in the yard.  I am very happy here and I love my family!

Tank, we were keeping things under wraps until it was finalized, but Tank's adoption is official!! His new parents lost a dog last year who looked just like Tank and they are completely smitten with him! He will have a doxie sister named Vena and a schipperke sister named Tess. He will be going to Pennsylvania!

Hi! My name is Lucky and I am a husky, little, red, short hair dachshund boy who is 2 years old. I am initially shy and timid and unsure of my surroundings. I was shuffled around for my first 2 years, even ending up at the Humane Society. Now, though, after a couple days of observing, love, patience, chicken, and being around some really cool dogs, I have come out of my shell and am the coolest dog ever! I love to snuggle, sleep, play, eat, beg for food and follow my foster Mom around from room to room. There are still some things I am getting used to, but everyday I learn new things and broaden my horizons even more. I would love to go to my forever home! I think I would be perfect with a family without small children. I would also love to be around other dogs who are kind and laid back. I love other dogs, especially dachshunds. I don't want to be alpha dog and I won't mark your house at all. I am just a lover and not a fighter. I also want to be in a family with plenty of patience and love. Please give me a chance and I will love you to death!


Lucky went to his forever home Sunday May 4, 2014!  Happy forever Lucky!!

Hi my name is Miles (Miles Traveled).  I came to SGF not neutered and never having seen a vet in my entire life.  I was brought from Central Ohio to Southwest Ohio to foster and see a doctor.  


My forever mom saw my pictures and wanted me!  I was so happy to hear that she lived in South Carolina because I do NOT like cold weather!!


I'm a super happy guy and I get along with everyone.  Nothing phases me.  


I got my forever and I am loving being a special and loved young man!


I went to my forever home Saturday May 3, 2014.

I'm not a Dachshund, but SGF helped me anyway!  Hi, My name is Charlie!  I am a senior Min-Pin with a heart murmur.  SGF found me the greatest home ever and I am so happy!  I get everything I want and I don't have to search the streets for food any more.  I am one lucky guy! I have an eye condition related to old age but my new mom takes care of everything.

Grace - (formerly Razzle Dazzle)


Grace came to SGF with a persistent cough.  After much medical care and treatment, Grace improved to the point she was able to leave her foster home and head to her forever home.  Grace will continue to receive medical care and be showered with all the love and attention that she deserves.

Ernie - "Best Dog Ever"
When Sophia's Grace found Ernie, he was infested with fleas and missing a lot of hair. At only 8-9 weeks old this poor guy was having a really tough start. Sophia's Grace stepped in by finding an extraordinary foster family who got him the care he needed. 
The minute I saw that little face I knew he would be the perfect fit for us. He instantly became my son's best friend and our other dogs love him... who wouldn't. 
Thank you Sophia's Grace!


Look who FINALLY went to his forever home today!! JP has been with us a LONG time, but one of our very own supporters, Dee Giovannielli, adopted him today. What a story...JP came into rescue at least a year ago, along with his mate, Greta. Sadly, Greta passed in her sleep a few months back :(Meanwhile, Dee recently lost her beloved Ralphie :( But as it often does in rescue, some things just work out for a reason...as Dee took JP home today, and together they will help the other's heart to heal. Have the best life, sweet boy, and thanks to Mike Moncil, and then Suzanne Miller for taking such good care of him in the meantime!



Benji went from puppy mill to Long Island, NY!! Rags to riches!! A beloved family member instead of a commodity!!



Copper is a 6 month old puppy whose family left him literally out in the cold. A kind family took him in, but they have 8 children, 3 of which have special-needs so they could not keep him. He was adopted immediately by his foster family in PA!


Sampson went a wonderful forver home whose owner lost her dog 7 months proir. You can say they saved each other *love*



Chito went to his forever home this weekend. His new mom, Shay Hunt, and her hubby drove all the way down to NC from New England to pick him up! As you can see, he is fitting in beautifully with his new pack, and is well on his way to being completely spoiled!! His new name is Tig Dixxon...have a fabulous life, Tiggy boy!! <3


"Libby and Lulu"

Look who went to their forever home today! Libby and Lulu!! I did the home visit myself for these two yesterday, and I just know these two will be loved and spoiled all their days! <3


"Sally and Reeses"

What a fantastic Monday! Another bonded pair went to their forever home too! Sally and Reeses went to live with Jessica Pobega and family, and it looks like they are fitting in with their new pack beautifully! The second pair of bonded adopted on the same day!!


Lucky and Susie

Lucky and Susie are a father daughter pair. We had tons of interest in both, but we chose a lovely couple in PA as their adopters because they wanted to adopt them both, and we thought it best that they stay together
They are retired and will be home all the time to spoil them rotten!




Buddy~ now Gunther

He’s the first rescue dog that Tina and John have adopted. He has a doxie savvy home that lost their beloved black and tan 14yr old girl Squeaky to cancer just last December. I’m confident that they will all rescue each other from their losses, Buddy lost a lot last year too. We no longer have to worry about his future and his past is behind him.




Mac just went to his forever home this past Saturday. He will have 2 human "brothers" aged 5 and 8, a miniature dachshund brother, a Great Dane brother and a Persian kitten for a sister, so he will gets lots of love all around. His new Mama is a stay-at-home mom, so Mac will be spoiled around the clock. Macs new home is in Greece, NY.


Biscuit found his forever home today. After many years of them talking as a family about a dog, they decided now was the time & Biscuit went right in and made himself right at home. They were already prepared for him with a new bed, toys and treats. The kids couldn’t keep their hands off of him and they gave him plenty of belly rubs!! 😍😍😍


Georgie is leaving for his forever home on March 10! He is being adopted by a previous SGF adopter! 


Kasey went to her forever home today, she is a true rags to riches story- as you can see from the picture that was taken when she came to us! She will now be loved and spoiled for a life time!

Princess #2



Sweet Josie FINALLY went to her forever home today! Her dad drove all the way from NY to OH to pick her up! Josie is not good with other dogs, and had to be kept separate from the other dogs in her foster home with Susan Campbell :( Her new dad recently lost his beloved dachshund, and Josie will help his heart to heal. He has his own business, and will be taking this cutie to work with him every day. I think it is a perfect match, and this little girl is going to be VERY spoiled! Have the happiest life, angel!! 



Em & Jay


Mocha and Coco


Ruby with her new Mom :)

Charlotte and her new forever mommy Sharon...and her brother Max the bird. Charlotte has run of the house, a fabulous yard with a TALL fence and lots of Chipmunks and squirrels to boot!



Caesar is a foster failure- his foster Mom could not part with him :)

Tommy is finally going to his forever home today! So many people were interested in him but he wasn't "Doxie" for some people :( but we thought his long legs were awesome!









It was love at first sight all the way around for Pepper. It was great knowing that she was going to be loved & taken care of. Her new brother Cooper showed her the steps to get up on the bed where they sleep with their Mom. Happy life sweet love bug Pepper!! It was an honor to be part of your journey ❤️


Rusty is a happy as can be with his new fur brothers!





At 10 years old Charlie found himself in foster care because his owners grew to ill to care for him. As you can see in the below photo, he has settled right into his new home!






Lindy ended up at a shelter at 7 years old. She had her left eye removed there due to chronic dry eye. 

Fast forward to her forever home....her new Mom Karen is actually blind in her left eye. Her new family just took Lindy to the beach for the first time this weekend!







Scooby is going to live in Solomans, MD with his new owner Earle. 



Whammer with his new Mom and Dad!


Molly's foster Mom couldn't part ways with her...another happy foster failure!


Coco with her new Dad!



Cookie with her new family!



Sweet little Daisy. Daisy is 2-1/2 yrs old and weighs a little over 5lbs. She was used for breeding in her previous home but when she wasn’t producing enough puppies, only 1 per littler, the owners decided that wasn’t enough. So they surrendered her to our rescue where she was promptly spayed so she never ever has to have puppies again!



Meet Dirk!! Dirk came into rescue when his owner passed away unexpectedly. He went to his forever home today!

Cammie #2












Willy and Jessie

Willie are Jessie are a bonded pair of 3 yr old siblings. One male and one female. They do everything together, play, eat , sleep and beg for snuggles.


They are the most lovable pair of doxies you’ll ever come across!!


Cassey & Bear






Angel & Smokey




Chiquita & Cookie

Nugget & Jack






















ChiChi finally found his forver home! He has been very picky in adopting a new family!





















Maddie waited quite a while for her fur-ever home but boy was it worth the wait! Her new family in just in love with her, as you can see from her adoption pictures!

Tubby & Buddy






Otis & Waffles














Frank & Molly