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Breed: Rat Terrier
Color: Dark Grey/Black/Tan
Age: 13 years
Gender: Male
Size: Small  pounds

Housetrained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Children over 5yrs
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Concerns: None


This most handsome fella sadly found himself in a shelter with no name and as an older guy, wasn't given much time. With his euthanasia date fast approaching, there was no way I could allow that to happen, and Sophia's Grace pulled him and sent him my way. I have been his foster mama since October, and he began his new life as Sherman aka Shermy. 

He was underweight and missing a lot of hair due to severe flea allergies, so it is a requirement that he always remain on flea and heartworm prevention. He'll require medicated baths at least twice a month and will be sent with shampoo.  His vision is impaired due to cataracts but he is not blind.   He is a bit hard of hearing BUT he can hear a chip bag from across the house. After his initial vetting we learned that he is likely around 13ish, has Hypothyroidism and a pretty crooked spine but it doesn't prevent him from trotting around or attempting to dance around your feet when you get home. Both will require daily meds which he takes very easily in a canned food meatball. He is on a strict 2x daily feeding schedule as his weight can become too heavy very quickly and enjoys eating in the comfort of a crate with a raised food bowl.


He will receive his dental at the end of January and will be ready for his furever home once healed.   He is an absolute joy, house trained, is my unofficial alarm clock when he rubs and rolls on me in the a. m. Loves is doggy bed and is quiet. He currently resides with multiple small dogs and 3 cats and overall does great. I believe he'd likely enjoy a home with one other dog as he does get playful and silly at times. He seems to really enjoy children over the age of 5.
I hope that a very special someone sees what a hunky sweetheart he is and will want to give him an amazing home for the rest of his senior years.


Sherman is currently fostering in Urbana, OH and his adoption fee is $100.00.

Applications to adopt may be summitted via the following website.

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