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March is Seniors for Senior Dogs Month at SGF!

Throughout the month of March, any senior citizen, aged 60 or older, adopting a senior dog, aged 8 or older, will have the adoption fee reduced by 50%.

We have many beautiful senior dogs looking for a forever home.  Some of these sweet dogs have been waiting for quite a long time for a home to call their own.  If you are interested in adopting one or more of these amazing seniors, please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page.

Welcome 11 year old Roscoe to SGF! This gorgeous boy lost his human on New Years Eve and he is looking for a wonderful forever home to live out the rest of his days.  Roscoe is on medication for his thyroid, but other than that has no health problems. He is 15 pounds of sweetness with a beautiful coat!  Roscoe is very affectionate and would do best with a human that will be home all day with him.  He does well with other dogs and with children, but does tend to bark at cats.  Roscoe is being fostered in Northern Ohio, but transport can always be arranged.  If you are interested in adopting Roscoe, please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page.


Meet Tippi! She is a black and tan, smooth, tweenie dachshund who is approximately 12 years young. This sweet girl was pulled from a shelter and brought up North by her guardian angel. Now she is with SGF and is thriving! She is housebroken, crate trained, and good on a leash. She is good with other dogs, but she would be fine as an only dog, as well. Tippi weighs 14 lb. She is being fostered in Millville, NJ.  If you are in interested in Tippi, please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page.

Meet Matilda and Bleu. They are 11 years old. Matilda is a long haired black and tan mini dachshund and Bleu is a long hair, black and tan dapple mini. They are a bonded pair, and have lived out all of their years together.   They are being fostered in Pittsburgh, PA, but transport can be arranged.  If you are interested in giving this sweet couple a home to call their own, please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page!

Welcome Sophia to SGF! Sophie was surrendered to a shelter in Virginia by her previous owners. She is a beautiful smooth red 12 years young senior. She is housebroken, crated trained, good with other dogs and just a wonderful little girl. Sophia did come to us with some health problems, and is having some testing done to see why her liver levels are elevated. After coming into foster care she started having some back troubles, and she is going to require more vetting to get her healthy for her new home. We will keep you updated with her progress, and donations for her care are always welcome! Sophia is being fostered in Virginia, but transport can be arranged. If you are that perfect human for this special girl in her golden years, please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page. 

Meet Hunter everyone! Hunter is 10 years old and he is paralyzed.  He gets around wonderfully with the use of his cart. He loves everyone and everything! He is great with kids, adults, other dogs, just everyone. Hunter loves to take naps, e at, and enjoy life, in general! He does need to be expressed every 3 hours, so he needs to find a home where someone can be home with him all day or bring him to work with them. He does like to bark, too, so new babies might not be a match, unless you want your baby waking up all the time. lol But he loves children. Hunter is being fostered in Benton, KY. Transport can be arranged, but only for the absolute perfect home with someone who is familiar with a paralyzed dog and expressing him. Are you Hunter's special angel who can give him a forever home for life? If so, please fill out an adoption application found on our "Adopt" page.

Gus is a beautiful 13 year old brindle smooth coat tweenie Dachshund.  He is a real cuddlebug and as you can see he is a professional beggar as well.  He is crate trained and housebroken most of the time. He gets along with other dogs, but has been known to steal their food if not monitered closely.  He has a tendency to gain weight and must stay on a strict diet. Gus has no problem with cats, either.  He can be snippy with children so needs to be in a home without them. Gus is being fostered in Ohio, but transport can be arranged.  If you are interested in adopting Gus, please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page.

Meet Christie everyone! Christie comes to us from a breeding situation, where she was bred over and over and over again. She is quite the snuggler and is loving living life as a member of a family.She gets along with other dogs and would be a perfect lap buddy for anyone lucky enough to adopt her!  Christies has recently started on thyroid medication which will hopefully help her to lose some weight, along with a proper diet.  Christie is being fostered near Pittsburgh, but transport can be arranged.  If you are interested in adopting Christie, please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page.

Welcome Queen to SGF! Queen was dumped at the Franklin County Dog Shelter and is being fostered in Dayton, Ohio. Queen is a sweet cuddle bug and she is good with other dogs. She is also housebroken! We don't know what Queen is mixed with, but she weighs around 30 pounds. If you are interested in giving this sweet girl her forever home, please fill out an application at

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