Meet Remy! She is a 2–3-year-old terrier mix, weighing approximately 20 pounds. 


We are not 100% certain what her mix is, but our breed identifier app indicates that she is likely a schnauzer/cairn terrier mix. Whatever she is, she is a whole lot of cute!! She came into rescue at the end of July in 2021, extremely pregnant. She was in her foster home on a Monday and had her babies on Sunday morning. Her puppies have since been adopted and Remy is just living her best life. Remy is very energetic and needs a family who is home often and can be very active with her. She needs a backyard with a high fence, as she is a professional escape artist. Remy is still very puppy like and could use some training to work on her manners, as she is very hyper and likes to jump and lick and play. Remy would make a great hiking or running buddy, as she LOVES to run and seems to have an endless supply of energy. She also thinks she is a lap dog and needs to be in your lap every time you sit down. Remy LOVES affection and is constantly looking for love. She also loves to chew, so her furever family must have an abundance of high-quality chews at her disposal. 


She is potty trained as long as you are paying attention, because if she is hanging by the door and you aren't paying attention, she will likely have an accident. Lastly, Remy needs some positive (and patient) male role models. We aren't sure of her life before she came into rescue, but men tend to make her nervous and she will growl and nip, so an abundance of caution around men in the family is a must. Remy has been around children, however we would need to make sure that the children know to respect Remy's personal space, because again, Remy is very similar to a puppy and one minute is playing nicely and the next wanting to rough house. Remy has also been in a home with cats. Remy doesn't seem to mind the cats, but she does like to chase them. Remy is a barker and will let you know if anyone is walking around your house, coming in your house, and talking near your house. 


Overall Remy is a total lovebug and will be the best companion for some lucky family! Remy is currently fostering in Hampton, VA and her adoption fee is $375.00.