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Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Color: Black
Age: 6-years-old
Gender: Female, spayed
Size: 17 pounds
House-trained: No, work-in-progress
Crate trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Concerns: Extreme flight-risk & under-socialized 




Opal is trying her very best to learn that not all humans are bad! She plays wonderfully with other dogs, giant or tiny, puppies or seniors, and enjoys living within the safety and security of at least 1 other dog to bond with and help make her feel confident. Because of this, it is required that she has another dog friend in the home. She is very timid around humans and does not like being picked up or touched just yet.


She is currently learning that she is allowed to use the furniture and she enjoys chewing on chew bones. Opal gets the zoomies and plays wonderfully with any dog she meets. She is also VERY kid and cat friendly and extremely calm around them! She lays down and lets cats sniff her, only touching noses with them when the cat wants to. A very good girl indeed!


Opal shows zero sign of aggression towards anyone or anything, even with her intense fear of humans. She does not guard resources or bite when she is touched or contained whenever she needs to be, although she does kick and squirm due to her fear of being caught. She is well trained to go indoors and outdoors on command, along with going in and coming out of her crate as well.


She is not yet fully potty trained but is improving. Her development has been slightly slower since she is suspicious of verbal reinforcement, avoids physical praise, and is not very treat motivated. She's been traumatized by her entire life as a breeding mama for a puppy mill but she is definitely coming around more as each day passes. On the rare occasion her human may hold her, despite her attempts to flee, Opal does seem to love being held and will quickly relax and fall asleep on her human. It's the being trapped, cornered, or caught part that she is afraid of.


Opal MUST have a fenced in yard and DOES NOT DO WELL ON A LEASH. She can chew through any sort of lead within seconds and cannot tolerate being walked with just a collar as she will panic at the feeling of anything moving around her neck. She requires a harness for leaving the home or going for walks, which will be provided to her adopter by SGF. She runs from humans indoors and outdoors and is an extremely high flight risk. Only adopters with fully fenced in yards will be considered for Opal.


Opal is located in Toledo, OH and is available for an adoption fee of $300.00. Opal is spayed, fully vaccinated, had a dental cleaning, is HW negative, and microchipped. 

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