Hello everyone, this is Maya Papaya, a pug mix that is approximately 6 years old. She was surrendered to us from PA due to financial issues. We don’t have a lot of background information on her but in the short time we have gotten to know her she is a real sweetheart and is looking for a loving furever home to call her own. Just after a week of having her she is starting to slowly come out of her shell. She is probably the most laid back, chill dog that foster mom has ever known. Her fluffy tail wags constantly with her cute under bite while she gazes up at you for interaction. She would be content lounging around the house, by your side and getting lots of love and belly rubs. She started nudging her foster parent’s hands recently to get attention already.  


Every so often she has accidents in the house, and unfortunately sometimes it’s on the furniture. We think this is related to her separation anxiety while we are away at work. For this reason, it would probably be best she goes into a home where the adopters are home more often than not so that she can get on a very regimented potty schedule. She seems to be gravitating towards her foster hoomans more so than their pack of dogs so it’s not necessarily a must to have pet siblings for her, and cats do not seem to faze her at all. She seems to enjoy bath time and walks very well on leash, so a fence isn’t necessary.  


She is not a huge fan of going out to potty when it’s wet outside. If her foster parents cannot coax her outside, they have been having to carry her out to go…such a princess! One of her favorite past times is looking out the front window while perched either on the windowsill or on the back of the recliner. Her foster parents make sure that the blinds are open at all times so she can keep an eye on the neighborhood. Luckily for them, she hasn’t found her voice yet so when another dog or person walks by, she lets her foster siblings do the talking. Once she gets her dental and her booster shots, she will be ready to go in about a month. In the meantime, please reach out to her foster parents with any questions or if you would like to meet her at


Maya is being fostered in Seven Hills, OH and her adoption fee is $375.00.