Meet Mattis! Don't let those pearly whites fool you! Mattis is a 5-year-old Jug (JRT/Pug mix) that couldn't be any sweeter. He loves everyone he meets, including kids, cats and dogs (of all sizes).   


Mattis underwent surgery for a broken pelvis, but that certainly doesn't slow him down! He still holds his leg up while standing but uses the leg when he is on the move! He has no pain and could not be any happier or full of life! Playing with toys, going on walks (he is a work in progress on his leash), chasing balls, and snuggling with his humans are his favorite pastimes. No need for a doorbell, Mattis will let you know if someone is nearby!  


Due to his injury, Mattis is incontinent (both bladder and bowels), but wears diapers and belly bands. He has the "urges" to potty, but unfortunately, it just comes out at any time. He does not need to be expressed and is on medicine to help streamline his urination. He does best on a diet consisting of dry food topped with cooked chicken or "raw" for bowel consistency. When Mattis is transported or is nervous, his bowels become loose, and he needs to be changed/cleaned frequently.


Mattis is currently fostering in Robesonia, PA (Berks County) and his adoption fee is $300.00.