Lyric & Lindy

Lyric and Lindy are a bonded pair of adorable chihuahuas. Lyric is 12 years, weighs 5 lbs, and is bonded to Lindy. Lindy is 7 years old, 5 lbs, and loves Lyric but is less bonded. 


Lyric has a brindle coat, is good with other dogs not much larger than him, and does not like cats though he does not chase the cat in his foster home. Lyric has an enlarged heart that presses on his trachea and causes him to have a persistent cough. He is not housebroken and wears a belly band indoors to control accidents. He is also very protective over Lindy and his human. If approached by another dog he will growl and bark but has not bitten. 


Lindy is chocolate and tan in color and is very lovable and snuggly. She is happy to do her business outside when the weather is nice and the sun is out. Otherwise she will normally use a pee pad. She loves to play with Lyric and with other dogs and is not bothered by the cat in her foster home.


Lyric and Lindy are fostered in Clinton TN and their adoption fee is $200.00.