Meet Luna! Luna is a happy, energetic, and sweet 3-year-old, 65 pound pittie mix girl. She gets along with dogs and cats but would do best as an only dog, or else with a dog(s) similar in size to her. This is mainly because she has such powerful love for her humans and wants to monopolize them all to herself. She has no idea of her size and will sit on her dog friends or climb on your lap to give you hugs and kisses!! 


Luna has had a rough start and will be very tentative when you first meet her. She can be a little skittish at first but mainly because she is not sure if you intend to hit her. She loves treats and these go a long way to quickly build trust between you. She knows sit, stay, come, down, find it, up and a few other tricks. She has the capacity to learn many more! 


She walks great on a leash and has good manners around other people, bikes, and animals that she meets.  She enjoys her walks and likes to run a bit too which helps her burn energy. She has mid-level energy that will require she gets playtime with toys or humas but settles in very well when told to lay down or if you let her lay with you. She takes treats very gently and is not food aggressive in any way. She patiently waits her turn while the rest of the pact gets their treats first. Luna is crate trained and house trained. 


Another great quality Luna possesses is good conversation skills. She has things to say and will make sure you know when it’s time to eat or play or time lay on your lap. She has an amazingly strong grumble that should not be confused for a growl. 


Luna will make a great addition to any home. She is gorgeous and funny and will make you laugh!! 

Luna is currently fostering on Califon, NJ and her adoption fee is $375.00.