Meet Honey!  Honey is a 2-year-old male, brindle-colored chiweenie. He weighs only 4 pounds but has “big dog energy”. Honey is like a sour-patch kid. First, he’s sour, then he’s sweet. And booooyyyy is he SWEET!


Honey is GREAT with other dogs, both small & medium. He has just started playing with squeaky toys and is having the best time! Honey also does GREAT with cats in his foster home! A home with large breed dogs and young children will not be suitable for Honey, due to his small size and minor behavioral concerns.


Honey was received from an abusive situation. He spent his first year almost exclusively in a crate. He then found himself in a new home with run-of-the-house but being tormented by an adult male. When his human didn’t want to deal with the mean adult in the home anymore, she took Honey to the vet to be euthanized- luckily, they presented other options to her. Honey doesn’t seem to be particularly afraid of men over women, but just has some understandable trust issues. In the first few days while he’s learning to trust you, he WILL lunge, growl, and nip. When he’s picked up, he feels very vulnerable and will reluctantly surrender. Once you gain Honey’s trust, you will gain a lifelong tiny friend. He trusts quickly despite his sticky past and is very loyal. Honey would do best in a home where his human is home more often than not.


Honey is housetrained, but does not ask to go out, he typically waits for you to ask him if he wants to go out. During his time his time with his foster family, he has had only one accident. Honey loves to run around outside and goes out very willingly—sun, rain, or snow! Honey is not crate-trained. He will go into his crate if placed inside but will bark until let out. Honey came from a situation in which he was left in his crate for almost his entire first year of life. Honey prefers to have the run of the house. Honey cannot jump onto any furniture and would benefit from indoor ramps or steps. Honey is an anxious traveler but does not get carsick.


Honey has been evaluated by the vet and does not have any ongoing medical concerns. Honey was treated for an anal gland rupture and healed beautifully. Honey is up-to date-on his vaccinations. He is scheduled for a neuter & microchip on 04/19/2022 and will be ready for adoption shortly thereafter.


Honey is located in Columbus, Ohio and is available for an adoption fee of $375.00.