Meet Hagrid, a stunning 6-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Dachshund mix.


LIKES: car rides, cats, dogs, baths, grooming (except doesn’t exactly like his nails done), going on walks (walks great on leash), being outside, laying on the couch. 


DISLIKES: nails trimmed, people leaning over top of him, being crated, people being overly affectionate with him.


PERSONALITY: Hagrid is a sweet loving boy who likes to be the one whom comes to you to earn your trust. You cannot push him, or he will growl and snap. Once he earns your trust, he will come to you to lay on your lap, on the couch. Hagrid is starting to open up more and more each day and to play with other dogs in his foster home as well. 


TEMPERAMENT: Hagrid is loving once he gets to know you. He is to be the one that comes to you – you cannot force yourself on him. He growls if you lean over top of him or look straight at him for a while. He gives you warning (which is a growl) if you tell him no, he usually stops. The thing is you can’t back away from him when he does this, or he knows he wins and will continue to do it, so he needs a strong leader in his new owner. Basically, you need to keep petting him until he stops.


Hagrid is being fostered in York, PA and his adoption fee is $300.00.