Guacamole is a handsome, sweet Australian Cattle Dog/Great Pryennes mix who weighs 50-55 pounds. Mannerisms and behavior are 100% Australian Cattle Dog. If you know the ACD breed you already know he would do best in a home where there is a good amount of daily activity & interaction. A breed familiar adopter would be ideal. He loves walks, chasing balls, car rides and playing with toys especially rope & squeak toys. He also enjoys tug games with rope toys, treat puzzles and learning new tricks. Guacamole has done wonderful with other dogs of all varieties and happily adjusts his play to accommodate pups of all sizes from shitzu to shepard. He is both treat and praise motivated & has a keen prey drive. Guac is a big snuggle bug and loves to get right next to you and enjoys laying next (on top of) foster mom on the sofa. He is crate trained, fully housebroken and equally happy sleeping in the big bed or in his own dog bed nearby. He is an exceptionally bright dog and would be phenomenal at agility, scent work or trick work. 


Guac is a total ladies’ man and is much more comfortable around women and can be shy around some men but does warm up over time. He has done very well with the respectful teen kids at his current foster home but he was shy initially so any adopters will need to understand the transition period of a new home. Foster mom feels he would be better suited to an all adult or older kid situation. Something in Guacamole’s past has left him cautious when being leashed and he can get fearful with this with new people. He avoids leashing and backs up when being leashed until he feels safe with you but has no problems once he trusts you. He is making progress but will need additional work and patience with this in his next home. A home with another dog and fenced in yard would be awesome.


Velcro dog warning - if Guacamole likes you - you will never shower or go to the bathroom alone again. Guacamole will quickly steal your heart - he may also steal your sandwich if you leave it unattended and accessible so you have been warned. Up to date on everything from heartworm/flea and tick preventatives and all vet-recommended vaccines, neutered, house trained, crate trained, and ready to be your constant companion. Guacamole is at the tail end of his rehab for a recent ligament repair surgery on his right paw and has a velcro style carpal support brace his vet suggests he use for extra support thru the end of 2022. Everyone that gets to know him remarks at how sweet this boy is - all he needs is a home of his own. Any questions or local meet & greets can be happily arranged via foster mom Jenn at Guacamole’s adoption fee is $500.