Heyyyya pals! My name is Gizmo, MoeMoe, or anything else that rhymes with Gizmo. 
I am 11 years old, neutered, current on my vaccines, microchipped and heartworm negative. I am a big ol’ boy, weighing in at around 20 pounds, but I’m workin’ on it!

My ideal family is an adult-only home with a fenced-in yard and no other pets. I would love to be the center of attention. I’ll be fine with a kitty and/or another small, calm dog if I have to, but kiddos are non-negotiable! I have been through a whole lot, so please forgive me. As a tiny puppy, I was physically abused, so I moved to a new home… my new home was a little better, but not much. I was neglected there and kept in my crate ALL of the time. So, I was posted on Facebook where a really kind lady came to my rescue. Oh boy, I was in BAD shape. I was extra chunky, had double ear infections, and had a cracked tooth. I’ve had some dental work, but I’ll be honest with ya, there will need to be more in my future… I’m just not ready quite yet.

Anyways, the nice lady who helped me out unfortunately can’t keep me, but she will be fostering me until I find my perfect home. She has helped me so much and knows me better than anyone, so it only makes sense. This nice lady has prepared a “pros and cons” list of my habits or whatever… so I guess I’ll share. I know it’s best to share everything about myself to ensure I get the best home, because let me tell ya, I am NOT movin’ again after this, ladies and gentlemen! 

So, here’s the scoop—
-I am a smarty pants who knows lots of commands (cage, come, leave it, stop, sit, no)
-I am a snuggly love bug who enjoys cuddling! But at nighttime, I want to sleep in my own bed
-I really like my crate, I won’t even bark in there!
-I am super good in the car, just in case you wanna take me on a road trip
-I will allow you to clean my ears and give me a pedicure with no problems
-I like kitty cats and doggies who are not hyper or dominant
-I enjoy hanging outside and bathing in the sun
-I will potty inside if you don’t let me out regularly (and I mean regularly, sorry!)
-I bark at everything and anything: people who walk by outside…people who come inside…squirrels….air…
-I do NOT like kids—I come off as a bit aggressive towards them, but I have never bitten anyone
-I am going to need my teeth cleaned again in the future, probably with some extractions

So, yeah! That’s about it. I am located in Columbus, OH and I am available for an adoption fee of $200.00 (unless
you’re a senior, then we can be together furever for just $100.00).