Meet Dobie! She is a beagle & dachshund mix that is 4 years young and 23 lbs. 


This sweet girl loves love! She has been through so much and needs a quiet home to live without fear. She is very fearful of men. For this reason, we think the best home would have either no men living in the home, or only younger male children. It’s not a deal breaker but her new family would need to be very patient with her until she can understand that the male won’t hurt her. She is on several medications for anxiety and will continue on those until she is settled, and a vet can slowly ween her off.


Dobie is super affectionate, even when she is fearful, she still gives kisses, absolutely no aggression at all. She is a Velcro dog that wants to be in the same room as her person. She wants reassurance that you are happy with her. She is missing her front teeth, presumably from being kept in a kennel too long, she eats good and is the best medicine taker ever. Just put her meds in her food bowl and she eats them with her breakfast/dinner. She loves to be talked to and petted, she will fold herself right in to your lap or chest.


She needs someone to walk outside with her when she potties, she will go and do her business, but she is still so afraid of abandonment. As long as you take her outside, she is totally house trained. However, she will not alert you, and if she gets frightened and feels trapped, she could have accidents. She is getting more comfortable exploring outside on her own. 


She doesn’t have separation anxiety where she tears anything up when you leave, she just looks out the window until you come home. It would be better if there was another dog that would help show her how to be a dog. The only thing she has played with so far in her foster home has been socks. She has a real thing for socks! She doesn’t chew them, just flips them in the air and jumps around them. She doesn’t chew or destroy things. Loud noises scare her (fireworks, thunderstorms), although she has improved. A lot of her personality hasn’t even shown itself because she is just coming out of her shell. She is still learning her name.


She is looking for a loving, patient, quiet household, female would be better and either someone home with her during the day or have another dog there to let her know that there is nothing to be afraid of, they will be back home to feed and love us.


Dobie is currently fostering in Reynoldsburg, OH and her adoption fee is $375.00.