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Meet Reggie!
Reggie is a 2-year-old Beagle/Australian cattle dog who was initially found as a stray but has been staying with a family for about 8 weeks. Reggie is extremely smart and sweet. He gives hugs and nuzzles with humans, but is not demanding of constant attention. He has had basic obedience training. He knows “sit”, “stay”, “touch”, “place”, “down” and can easily learn more. He picks up on training very quickly. Reggie is housetrained. He is athletic and loves to run. He would love a big fenced yard or easy access to a dog park. Reggie enjoys greeting and playing with other dogs when out and about, but has shown some possessiveness aggression toward the other dog in his current home. He would do best as an only-dog. He may be able to be with another dog that is similar in size and age to him, but likely not with a smaller or older dog. Reggie is crate trained; he loves going into his crate at the end of the day. Reggie loves toys; he is a chewer, but is very good about channeling his chewing energy into appropriate (durable!) chew toys and not furniture or clothing. He will make an awesome sidekick to someone who can make him the center of their attention.

Reggie is staying with a family in Cleveland, OH and is available for an adoption fee of $375.00.

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