Meet Cocoa! Cocoa is a 13-year-old female “shorty Jack” aka small Jack Russell Terrier. Cocoa’s foster mom says that you would never know that she is a senior dog because she is so spunky and sassy! Cocoa is 23 pounds and has unique coloring: she is white with a series of silly brown spots including a perfect circle on her lower back and tail. Her fur is so soft, which makes her cuddles even better. If you don't like doggy snuggles or dogs on furniture, you are probably not a good match for Cocoa. Cocoa would do best in a home with some ramps, as she is unable to jump up on the furniture and has not quite figured out the stairs that her foster mom bought her. Cocoa likes to snuggle on the couch but is also happy cozy in a bed on the floor. Cocoa is not crate-trained, but she is housetrained and non-destructive when left to roam free. Cocoa is great with other dogs, adults, and kids, but she does not like cats.


Since Cocoa is a senior, she does have some vision degeneration and is hard-of hearing. Her foster mom says that she appears to respond to some noises, such as the vacuum cleaner and other dogs. Despite her challenges her foster mom says that she does not let them slow her down and she happily keeps up with other dogs and humans! Cocoa is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, and just received a dental procedure. She also had a benign mass removed prior to entering rescue. Cocoa does not have any known medical issues and is a happy, healthy girl!


Cocoa’s foster mom says that she is very quirky! Throughout their time together, Cocoa’s foster mom has learned that Cocoa LOVES to roll around. Her favorite place to roll around is in the grass, but the carpet will do just fine! Cocoa loves to spend time outside, adventuring or sunbathing. Cocoa has a unique bark – it is kind of muted, hoarse, and raspy. She likes to bark to get attention and to let you know she is hungry. She is almost always hungry and very food motivated. Remember, since she is hard-of-hearing, Cocoa doesn't come when called or respond to commands. Cocoa is a VERY deep sleeper! When she is in a deep sleep in the big bed, she will take some time to get up with extra snoozes and lots of stretches. Cocoa seems to have some history with trauma. She has blossomed a lot since coming to rescue, with so much personality. When her foster mom got her, she startled very easily and would wince when a hand was raised to pet her. This has lessened considerably. She does not play with toys in the classic sense, but when she gets excited, she will grab a toy or shoe and throw it in the air. She will also play a little bit of tug-of-war or “keep away”. She loses interest in toys quickly and focuses more on her playmate. 


Cocoa’s foster mom says that it would be SO easy to keep Cocoa as her own, but she knows she will find a great family since she is such a great dog. Cocoa has so much love to give and will undoubtedly fit right into her forever home. Don't schedule a meet and greet unless you are ready to fall in love and meet your newest family member. 


Cocoa is currently being fostered in Reynoldsburg, OH and her adoption fee is $200.00.