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Luna Bean


Meet Luna Bean! She is a sweet, fun, energetic pup! She loves to play ball. Luna loves to lay under the covers, and cuddle with you in bed or on the couch. She is a jumping bean, and is hilarious to watch, especially when she is outside, ready to come in. She could jump in place for an hour. She is so athletic and could jump through hoops if she was trained to do so.


Luna LOVES to give kisses, put please, let her come to you, do not put your face in her face, it could make her anxious and cause her to react in a bad way. Unfortunately, Luna has bitten two children that ended up having to get stitches. Both times the children got in her face and
startled her, which made her anxious and scared. She reacted by biting their lip.

Luna is truly an amazing dog. She enjoys being held and carried around the house. Luna LOVES belly rubs. When she acts like she wants you to play ball with her, she won't give you the ball,
but instead will roll over with her ball in her mouth and want a belly rub. She can be vocal when she sees outside activity and will let you know if someone is coming. Luna loves to wear her little sweaters and jackets, they keep her warm when it is cold, and she loves to be warm.


Lunas ideal family would be a couple who loves to cuddle, play ball and give belly rubs, with a fenced in yard, and with no other pets.
Luna is currently in Hummelstown, PA and is available for an adoption fee of $300.00.


Do I seem like the perfect match?


If so, please submit an adoption application to be considered to adopt me!

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